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Default Re: Foxamivalth vs Eishiba


[-] Larvesta (M)
Ability: Flame Body
HP: 75%
Energy: 100%
Status: Well that was unexpected;
Double Team ~ Psychic


[The Chunky Chicken (TCC)] Blaziken (M)
Ability: Blaze
HP: 52%
Energy: 85%
Status: Now we’re even. PSN
Hone Claws~ Hi Jump Kick

Round 4

TCC observed the small larva Pokémon with a smirk, cracking his knuckles loudly as he did so. Nodding at his trainer’s orders, he swiped his claws against each other quickly. He dragged the claws of his feet along the ground with a screech, chuckling as he got into a fighting position. He was poised and ready to do some damage.
[TCC: -4 Energy, +1 ATK, +1 ACC]

Larvesta ignored TCCs bump of stats, and instead concentrated on his own orders. He began to run circles around the fighting type Pokémon, gradually getting faster and faster until he was simply a blur. When he stopped moving, two more Larvesta stared at TCC, the three of them letting out a content “humph”.
[Larvesta: -6 Energy, 2 Clones]

TCC growled at the clones as they appeared, his eyes darting between the three bug Pokémon standing in front of him. Finally, his eyes rested on one and he charged. When he was several feet away, the Blaziken jumped into the air, letting out a battle cry as he stretched out one of his deadly legs. He hit the Larvesta square in the head, but simply went through, his leg buckling against the ground as the clone disappeared. Before the poor Fighting type could react, he felt a sharp pain at the edge of his consciousness. He let out a roar of pain as he was thrown into the rocks, slumping to the ground as his body shook.
[TCC: -8 Energy, -25 HP, Hi Jump Kick (CRITICAL) MISSED]

[Larvesta: -22 Energy| TCC: -25 HP (CRITICAL), -1 SPDEF,]

(Hi Jump Kick: Clone roll was 2, where 1 resulted in hitting Larvesta and 2 and 3 resulted in hitting a clone. Critical hit roll was 1. Accuracy rolled a 79 where rolling more than 120 resulted in this action missing the target.)

(Psychic: Critical hit rolled 1. Accuracy rolled a 27 where rolling more than 100 resulted in this action missing the target. Effect: Rolled from 1 to 10. Result was 1.)

TCC groaned as he tried to push himself to his feet. He felt the poison overtake his body again. That combined with his impact with the rocks was enough to overcome him, and he simply fell to the ground again, unable to move.
[TCC: -6 HP]

Round 4 END


[-] Larvesta (M)
Ability: Flame Body
HP: 75%
Energy: 72%
Status: That’s how we do it!; 1 Clone


[The Chunky Chicken (TCC)] Blaziken (M)
Ability: Blaze
HP: -4%
Energy: 73%
Status: KO

Ref Notes

- I rolled lots of 1s in this round o_0

- Rocks did 3 damage to Blaziken, because hitting them would hurt. He would have KO’d anyway due to poison

Eishiba, please choose your next Pokémon

Eishiba – 1 Pokémon Remaining
Fox – 2 Pokémon Remaining

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