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Eishiba walked back to the Pokemon Center with Skorupi in his hands. The poor bug type had been through an incredible battle. Talim followed behind as each of Eishiba's footsteps made a squishing noise. He walked to the front desk and set his Skorupi down and said, "Nurse Joy, could you please help my Pokemon?"

Nurse Joy looked at the bug and said, "Oh certainly, any others you want me to take care of too?"

Eishiba remembered his head strong Mankey and put its Pokeball on the counter as well. Nurse Joy took them both as Eishiba walked to Talim and said, "I'm going to get into some dry clothes. Ill be back in a moment."

As Eishiba walked to the bathrooms of the Pokemon Center, Talim went to the center of the Center and watched as two people were battling in the center of the Pokemon Center. She watched as two trainers were battling their Pokemon. She recognized one of the boys who looked simliar to someone that Eishiba had known. She watched as the boy had a fiery monkey. It moved swiftly as it managed to take down its opponent which was just a simple Rattata. With a Flamethrower, the monkey was declared the winner.

The boy raised his hand in victory as he jumped and clapped in victory. He hugged his monkey as he said, "Good Job Monferno!"

After he congradulated his Pokemon, he looked around and said, "Any other trainers want to challenge my Monferno?"

Talim jumped a little as Eishiba stood next to her. He looked at the boy and said, "Kalen?"

Kalen saw Eishiba dn they shook hands as they talked for a few minutes. Eishiba looked at Kalens Pokemon which had gone through its first evolution fairly quickly. Kalen said, "I am taking on more trainers before I go to battle Misty."

Eishiba thought for a moment as he remember Misty used Water types. He said, "Well...just be very careful of her."

Kalen said, "Was she tough?"

"She has the right Pokemon to make any challenge difficult," Eishiba said.

Talim looked at Monferno and said, "Ill take you on!"

Kalen said, "Sure, lets go!"

He hurried back to his side as he watched Talim let out her Azuril. Eishiba knew Azuril had the advantage but Monferno was probably way more expierenced. He looked at Talim and said, "Be smart."

She said, "But I have the advantage, its an easy win!"

She shouted, "Azuril use Water Gun!"

Azuril opened its mouth and began to let out a small stream of water. Monferno moved very quickly. Eishiba was impressed with its speed. Kalen called out, "Monferno, use Scratch!"

Monferno charged forward, striking the Azuril with its claws. Azuril tumbled back as Talim shouted,"Hurry, stand back up! Try another Water Gun!"

Azuril stood up and tried another Water Gun only to have Monferno counter it. "Flame Wheel!" Kalen shouted.

Monferno rolled into a ball and began to spin and its body became engulfed in flames. Its body crashed into Azuril sending it flying back into a wall. The lifeless body crumpled to the ground. Monferno had won without breaking a sweat. Talim walked to her Azuril and said, "Nice try."

After she called her Pokemon back, she looked at Kalen, kind of mad. She didn't say anything. She just walked to the front desk and turned in her Pokemon to be healed. With that, she stormed outside. "Whats her problem?" Kalen asked.

"Probably mad that she lost," Eishiba said.

Kalen laughed and said, "So, you gonna battle my Monferno too?"

Eishiba said, "Well, all I have on me our Buneary and Squirtle. My other two are with Nurse Joy."

Kalen said, "So how did you beat Misty?"

"With alot of luck," Eishiba said.

"Brock was so tough! Monferno barely got through!" Kalen said.

"Your Chimchar evolved before you fought Brock?"Eishiba asked curiously.

"Of course!" Kalen said. "I didn't have the right Pokemon for it! So we trained for a long time. We battled lots of wild Pokemon and trainers. Over time Chimchar started to change. Now its fully at the Monferno stage."

Eishiba was impressed. It made him want to train with his own Mankey. Eishiba always prefered to use his Mankey. Eishiba now wanted to start taking on challenges with his Mankey. Maybe someday he would.

Kalen called his Monferno back and said, "Well, I'm gonna go pick Misty off, see ya."

Kalen walked out as Eishiba walked to Talim who was outside. He said, "Hey whats wrong?"

Talim looked at him and said, "I lost."

"It happens. The best thing you can do is learn from your loss and move on," Eishiba said.

Talim said, "But I have the advantage and I lost. Thats not how its supposed to end! Thats embarrassing!"

"Maybe what you need is more trainer. You have to train hard so that you have a smaller chance for defeat," Eishiba said.

Talim crossed her arms as Eishiba went on, "Ill help you train. We can have battles more often. The idea is to get better right?"

Talim nodded and smiled. Nurse Joy called from inside saying their Pokemon were ready. Eishiba took his two Pokeballs and put them on his belt. He said, "Lets go battle some people."

"Who?" Talim asked.

"Anyone, lets just start taking challenges. We can battle together, like on a team," Eishiba explained.

Talim said, "How will we find these people?"

Eishiba said, "We can stay in a city for like a day and battle."

The thought sounded appealing. Eishiba said, "Why don't we head to Celedon City. Its got a nice Pokemon Mall to shop at for all kinds of things for Pokemon. We can battle the entire way there."

"A Pokemon Mall?" Talim said. "Lets go!"

Eishiba smiled and exited the center. He took out a map and began to map out the direction. Once he planned a route he began to walk towards the end of the city. They didn't even make it out of the city before they saw people having a battle. Eishiba grabbed Talim's arm and said, "This way."

Both of them watched as there was four Pokemon battling. One side consisted of a Pidgey and a Spinarak. The other side was using a Caterpie and a Pikachu. As the battle went on, the winners were the trainers of the Caterpie and Pikachu. The trainers introduced themselves as Cain and Abel. The two had a winning streak for the last hour. Eishiba said, "Ill bet we can take you!"

They grinned and said, "Then make your selections. One Pokemon each."

Eishiba turned to Talim and said, "Lets do this."

Eishiba tossed in his Mankey and Talim used her Azuril. She leaned over towards Eishiba and said, "What do we do? Azuril is weak against Pikachu."

Eishiba said, "Don't worry, we have this."

Talim felt nervous as the battle was about to begin.
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