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Default Re: SuperUltraZekrom -VS- Foxamivalth

Round Six


Energy: 24%

Super Ultra Zekrom

[Blast] Wartortle (M)
HP: 60%

Blast began to close its eyes and focus its mental energy. It hoped to stay undisturbed as it concentrated on focusing itself. The chance of that happening was slim. Especially since Happiny had decided to waltz its way up to Blast and had planned to give it a Sweet Kiss. Happiny gave the water turtle a kiss. Blast opened its eyes and looked at Happiny. It couldn't believe what just happened. Blast turned from blue to green. It reached its hand into its mouth and caused itself to vomit. The vomit spewed all over Happiny. The tiny egg looked angry as it tried to get the vomit off. (Happiny Sweet Kiss failed -3 energy)

Blast knew it had focused enough energy. It took aim, right at Happiny's babyish sub and crumbled the substitute into the sand. The move was devastating. (Blast -30 energy) (Happiny Sub broken)

While Happiny was trying to stand up, Blast came running up for another attack. It lifted its foot to put a big foot print on Happiny's face. However, Blast missed as Happiny watched Blast's leg go over its head. Happiny giggled as Blast felt ashamed for missing such a strong attack. (Blast Mega Kick failed -22 energy)

Happiny wanted to get Blast back for vomitting on it. It took a handful of Blast's vomit and stuffed it back into Blast's own mouth. Blast coughed and gagged as it was forced to swallow its own puke. It fell to its knees as it tried to cough the yuckie stuff back up but couldn't. This caused Blast to be severly poisoned. It shook as it felt the vomit surge through its body. Unfortunatly, Blast was to tired. It had run out of energy. It recoiled into its shell to fall asleep and rest. (Happiny -3 energy) (Blast Toxic -2HP)

Foxamivalth ran out and picked up his Happiny. He hugged it and kissed it all over for winning. Suddenly, Fox felt very ill himself. He realized he had just kissed Happiny which still had vomit from Blast. Fox held his stomach as he began to feel Toxic taking over his body. Now he knew what it was like to be poisoned. Oh the torture and hell we put these poor little animals through all so we can win a battle. Fox reeled from the Poison as he returned his Happiny to its Pokeball. (Foxamivalth -2HP)


Energy: 18%
He puked on me!

Super Ultra Zekrom

[Blast] Wartortle (M)
HP: 58%

Fox is the winner!

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