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Default Re: Latio-Reol vs. haybalebarn

Round Five


HP: 63%
Energy: 52%


HP: 81%

Striker was able to get in the first strike. Or in this case, the first chill. It laid down and began to chill out for a moment as it wanted to gain some energy back. It made little noises as they echoed through out the arena. It felt nice to get to relax during a heated battle. (Striker +6 energy)

RAAM was ready to shake things up. It jumped up into the air, causing ripples to flow from where it stood. It watched the shockwaves cause Striker to try its hardest not to fall over. Striker fell to the ground, unable to stand from the shaking ground. Once it had stopped, Striker stood up. (RAAM -18 energy) (Striker -19 HP)

Striker didn't like this RAAM for shaking the ground like that. It jumped into the air and aimed one of its paws at RAAM. As it came down, it pounded the top of RAAM's head. RAAM staggered around as the pound hurt. The move had been super effective. The move however, left Striker weaker. (Striker -14 energy -1ATK -1DEF) (RAAM -40 HP)

RAAM continued on its Earthquake streak, sending shockwaves in the direction of Striker. However, the weakened Striker took more damage this time. (RAAM -18 energy) (Striker -21 HP)


HP: 23%
Energy: 44%


HP: 41%
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