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Default Re: Velocity | Mountain | Zoroark

Before the Charizard has a chance to attack, it sees something else on its way and decides better of its plan. Not wanting to find out what managed to scare off a dragon, you decide to get out of their quickly. Or as quickly as you can while dragging an eighty kilogram pokemon behind you. Unfortunately, this isn't fast enough, and a large rock-type dinosaur is soon coming up behind you. It won't be long now until it's close enough to attack.

A Wild RAMPARDOS appeared!
[ F | Mold Breaker ]

What will you do?

> Attack, Use Item, Throw Ball (1 Safari Point each)
> Flee (2 Safari Points)
> Exit Safari Zone (30 Safari Points)

You have 9 Safari Points remaining.

Species rolled 121 out of the 144 possibilities for this area of the Safari Zone.
Gender rolled 1094, where anything less than or equal to 1250 results in RAMPARDOS being female.
Ability rolled 2, where rolling 1 gives RAMPARDOS the ability Mold Breaker as opposed to Mold Breaker for rolling 2.
Shininess rolled 5929, where anything less than 8192 results in the Pokemon not being Shiny.