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Default Re: Replication;. {su&ds//it'sback!}

~ If it is still of convenience, may I reserve Mew for myself?


Name: Aevum
Disguise Name: Kory Estem
Species: Mew
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: A standard mew.
Human Appearance: Kory has a pink hue to his light skin, giving the appearance that he is always sun-burnt. He has blonde hair, cropped short and often spiked up to the side in front. He has light bright blue eyes and an attractive round face. He doesn't stand very tall at 5'4" and has a slim figure, however has more natural strength then it would seem. His fashion choices are bold and unique, and often wears bright colors.
Personality: Kory has a carefree and gentle personality. He shy around strangers that he doesn't know, but around friends he is very cheerful. He is carefree, often acting as if nothing bad in the world is happening. He is completely optimistic in all of his actions and thoughts. He is not very easily angered or taken to rashness. He treats others with kindness and respect.


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