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Default Re: Foxamivalth vs Eishiba


[-] Larvesta (M)
Ability: Flame Body
HP: 75%
Energy: 72%
Status: That’s how we do it!; 1 Clone


[Berenstien] Ursaring (M)
Ability: Quick Feet
Health: 88%
Energy: 75%
Status: Back again…? These rocks are hurting…

Round 5

Berenstien winced as he appeared on the battlefield again. He was glad that his opponent was no longer the huge Scorpion that had threatened him the first time, but it was still a bug. Who knows what this thing could do to him? He felt a sharp pain in his foot and looked down with a wince. “Oh great…” The toxic spikes glinted in the half-light that was cast over the arena.
[Berenstien: PSN, +1 SPD]

The Ursaring growled and glared at his opponent. His claws glinted before he began to dig into the loose dirt below him that had been kicked up from earlier in the battle. The damp dirt began to take shape and a large Ursaring-shaped doll stood in front of Berenstien. The bear Pokémon smiled at his handy work, letting the doll spring to life and stand in front of him.
[Berenstien: -1 HP, -1 Energy, Sub @ 1%]

Larvesta watched his opponent carefully, hoping that it wouldn’t try anything that would hurt him too much. Closing its small eyes, the larva allowed static energy to form around its body. It rose into the air a few feet, hovering above the ground. His clone did the same, still causing Berenstine to be confused.
[Larvesta: -6 Energy, Immune to Ground-Type Moves for Two Rounds]

Berenstien glared at the bug. He was going to have to think of what he was going to do throughout the battle now. Growling, he slashed his claws together, dancing around in a manner that suggested a battle. He finally fell to rest and smirked, feeling pumped up.
[Berenstien: -3 Energy, +2 ATK]

Larvesta smirked at the bear, offering a small growl of his own. Dark energy gathered around its small body, several purple flames appearing around him. The flames raced towards the bear, but instead of hitting fur and flesh, they hit hard packed dirt. The substitute growled as a deep burn appeared on its chest and arms, baring its teeth.
[Larvesta: -3 Energy| Sub Takes Burn]

Berenstien felt the poison coarse through his veins. He growled but shook it off, not wanting to give his small opponent any satisfaction.
[Berenstien: -3 HP]

Round 5 END


[-] Larvesta (M)
Ability: Flame Body
HP: 75%
Energy: 63%
Status: That’s how we do it!; 1 Clone


[Berenstien] Ursaring (M)
Ability: Quick Feet
Health: 84%
Energy: 71%
Status: That could have been worse. PSN. +1 SPD, +2 ATK; Sub @ 1%

Ref Notes:

- The substitute took the burn damage and is destroyed
- Quick Feet boosts speed by 1 if there is a status ailment

Eishiba, your moves please

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