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Default Re: Replication;. {RP//open.}

Thomas Fisher (Uxie) and Sara Sage
Celestic Town
ARPers: Celestic Peoples

Sara Sage was many things, but she was not stupid.

Therefore, when a Serperior attempted to attack Euryale, the Hydreigon was in her ball faster than a breath. But Sara was not meek, taking whatever was thrown at her. No, not in the slightest. Thus, when Thom Otone had the nerve to call Euryale a "f**king monster" after his Serperior attacked her without provocation, Sara decided on a conversation.

"Fu**ing monster?! The only fu**ing monster in this scenario, Thom Otone, is the one that attacked Euryale with lethal intent, for no good reason! Now Thom, I am going to be merciful exactly once. I am going to send out Vital. Now I hope you don't have some deep-rooted psychological trauma about a Reuniclus, because so help me: if Vital catches A hostile thought about ANY of my friends from ANY of yours... By the time I'm finished with you seven, you will not be able to distinguish one bloody chunk from its many clones. Do I make my self clear, Thom Otone?!"

To emphasize her point, Sara made good on her first part of her promise; it took a second after she finished her speech for Sara to send out Vital, her Reuniclus. Vital was quickly made to understand the situation through telepathy.

Of course, Aquinas would have helped, but he a) evaluated the situation as under control, and b) he had politics to deal with. Arceus was pissed; it may have had to do the fact that Aquinas did not care how Arceus looked in front of everyone else: if he looked like a fool, that was his fault. Of course, Lucien was still perfectly capable of annihilating Uxie where he stood, but he wouldn't: Aquinas was protected by the sheer difficulty and necessity of his work. The legends' court could very easily collapse without him maneuvering. Of course, he never shared details he didn't have to with anyone, Arceus included, so Arceus never knew just how much Uxie did.

Thomas decided to telepath back to Arceus,<Most time-efficient and smooth meeting ever? Those are going to be tough records to beat, Arceus: I'm always time efficient and smooth. Lie-free will be easy; I give my word that will not deliberately utter a single falsehood during the entire meeting.> This was not a lie: a falsehood uttered intentionally would be spotted by Harroh in an instant, but Aquinas did not intend, of course, on full disclosure.

Thomas had a happier thing to discuss,"People! I want you to meet my sisters, Maxine Reynolds," he gestured to Azelf's human form and telepathed Azelf's identity to the present legends,"and... one moment... MAZI!" he screamed across to Celestic,"and Mazi." he telepathed her identity as well to those to be privy.

Sara did not even look up from glaring at Thomas and Stalker before or while questioning,"How come Maxine has a different last name than you?"

Thomas laughed in his head about how didn't need to lie,"Our mother is the community bicycle. Whenever anyone wants a ride... But no matter! All that matters is that my sisters are here!" Thomas was genuinely happy that his sisters were here; they were allowed to know anything they asked: they could keep their tongues and minds in control and would trust and love him no matter what.
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