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Default Re: Velocity vs Starship


[Hella Jeff] Sawk (M)
Ability: Inner Focus
HP: 84%
Energy: 91%
Status: Feeling pumped, +1 ATK +1 DEF
Payback/Counter/Low Kick/Bulk Up ~ Payback/Counter/Low Kick/Bulk Up


[Ardhi] Bagon (F)
Ability: Rock Head
HP: 89%
Energy: 56%
Status: A bit winded but still confident
Swagger ~ Hydro Pump

Round 2

Hella Jeff watched Ardhi with narrowed eyes. When she didnít make a move against him he ran forward. Once he was a few feet away he slid across the gound, swiping the little dragonís feet out from under her. Ardhi crashed into the ground with a wince, groaning. She laid there for a moment before getting up carefully.
[Hella Jeff: -9 Energy| Ardhi: -31 HP]

Ardhi growled to herself, cursing the pain that shot through her feet. Looking up at Hella Jeff, she let out a sigh, a smirk on her face. Hella Jeff watched her and growled, feeling himself get angry at her confidence. Hadnít she felt the pain that she had just endured?!
[Ardhi: -5 Energy| Hella Jeff: +2 ATK, CFS]

Hella Jeff tried to clear his head after the Bagonís taunting actions, but it was no use. He couldnít remember his orders at all. He gripped his head with a growl, slamming his fists into his skull as he tried to remember. Finally, he groaned and stumbled slightly, unable to do anything.
[Hella Jeff: -12 HP, -5 Energy. Confused]

(Confusion Roll was 9978 where any result less than or equal to 7500 resulted in Hella Jeff successfully carrying out his orders.)(

Ardhi growled and smirked, taking a deep breath. She reared back her head and opened her mouth. A blue glow emanated from her throat. With a hiss, a huge stream of water shot from her mouth and hit Hella Jeff straight in the chest. Once the water died out, Ardhi shook her head. She was panting hard now, struggling to stand.
[Ardhi: - 43 Energy| Hella Jeff: -12 HP]

(Accuracy rolled a 54 where rolling more than 80 resulted in this action missing the target.)

Round 2 END


[Hella Jeff] Sawk (M)
Ability: Inner Focus
HP: 60%
Energy: 77%
Status: Dizzy and not sure whatís going on;+3 ATK +1 DEF; CFS


[Ardhi] Bagon (F)
Ability: Rock Head
HP: 58%
Energy: 8%
Status: Getting extremely tired

Ref Notes:
- I donít think I have much to say about this round!

Starship, your moves please!

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