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Default The Canalave Library (for all writers to contribute!)

Greetings, kind sir or madame. We duly wish you a humble welcome to...

The Canalave Library

Where the aged tales of pokémon may seek passage through the generations.

You see, kind sir/madam, centuries and centuries ago, when pokémon did not possess certain aspects of their refined character, a library's door was unsealed for the first time to express the extravagance of such delights as ancient lore. However, the in the library's prime days, a disaster struck, and it fell to ruin. You stand now before the mighty incarnation of that library. This ingress to a detailed insight on ancient philosophies is the fundamental knowledge we have, as a contemporary people, long misplaced due to the catastrophe that scattered previously gathered knowledge. This library aims to salvage that which became adrift so that the legends of antiquity refrain from resulting in entombment once more.

We do implore all citizens who harbour details of such legends to emerge from hidden shadows and relinquish their nobly protective embrace on their legend's secrets, so that it may arise from acrid haze and take wing with the explicit intent to meet the library doors and eventually realise its place among welcoming shelves.

With help such as yours, our precious collection may expand in all its glory, with your name printed upon the book's spine. Do not hesitate to share with us your veiled erudition.


(Just quietly, I tend to write my folklore in relatively simple writing that is not full of complicated words or expressions, so it's kind of like a children's storybook. You can choose how to write it though, obviously, and it does not have to be in this fashion.)

Containing which type of content does the Canalave Library wish submissions to consist of?
The Canalave Library accept submissions that detail a pokémon's history, such as how a species gained an aspect of its character. For example, you may encounter a dusty book which explains the reason for a specific feature a pokémon exists, and details the story founding it.

Of which approximate length would be considered appropriate?
Folklore can be of differing lengths, and do not have a maximum length. The minimum length is one thousand words.

How should I submit my folklore?
You may respond to this thread as if it were any other thread; all discussion and submissions may be posted regularly, so do not hesitate to submit a piece of lore here. As previously stated, all discussion will take place in this thread. There is no need to private message any of the librarians to have your submission displayed; the formalities lie only within this post. We will not link outside of the library, so if you wish to have your submission displayed, post it to this library. The address can be found by clicking "New Post" down the bottom or at the top of the library entrances.

Am I permitted to casually converse in this library?
As long as you do not shout, all conversation here is accepted, as long as it is along the lines of the library submissions. The archive is in this thread alone, so do not think that it is unacceptable to communicate regularly when you submit your post, or when somebody else posts a legend you wish to commend them for unearthing.

Rules and Regulations
#1 ~ Please treat your fellow library visitor with utmost respect.
#2 ~ Please do not express unnecessary conversation that is considered jibberish or of few words. Incorporate a conscious effort when producing your language. Etiquette is preferred.
#3 ~ It is allowed that you may critique others' submissions as if you would a regular narrative.
#4 ~ You may submit an alternate form of folklore for a pokémon who has already had its tale accounted for. There are differing forms of legend, and the more adaptations we employ, the more beneficial for the library.
#5 ~ Ensure these antiquities are of your own discovery. You may not submit tales which were not founded by your hand.

The librarians are entitled to reject a submission if it is not of proper standard. Submissions may be asked to be improved before they are added into our archive. Otherwise, librarians shall ask permission of the submitter to edit and refine grammar and wording themselves. You agree to this upon submission.

As you may plainly view...our collection is...not of copious amounts. We ardently await submissions...

The Canalave Library Archive:

Legends of Kanto
How Charmander got its Fire - Charmander009
How Magikarp and Feebas Came to be - Pokemon Trainer Sarah

Legends of Johto
How Typhlosion Learned Wild Charge - Shiny Jolteon

Legends of Hoenn
How Spinda got their Spots - Graceful_Suicune
How Salamence got their Wings - Graceful_Suicune
How Magikarp and Feebas Came to Be - Pokemon Trainer Sarah
How Kirlia Became the Emotion Pokémon

Legends of Sinnoh

Legends of Unova

Please do enjoy the exhibit! Thank you for attending.

Everyone who's still stuck here, Pe2k is Dead. It's sad, but it happened. Instead, we moved to...

Pokemon Crossroads!
Pe2k's spiritual successor! :D I'm Suicune's Fire there.

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