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Default Re: The Canalave Library (for all writers to contribute!)

Hey, posh doppelganger! 8D I have a submission. :P

How Spinda got their Spots

One fine morning, Spinda the spinda was tottering back and forth, trying to keep her balance as she stumbled along a grassy path. She tottered left and right, and then straight for a second or two. She was used to it though, because it was normal for a spinda.

After a while, she gave a yawn and decided to take a break against a nice tree. It was fairly comfy and she felt calm and relieved to rest her sore, tired feet. They were sore and tired because of her exhausting journey to find something for her friend, Spunda. It was Spunda’s birthday and Spinda wanted to get her something pretty and worthwhile. Spanda and Spindie had already gotten her a present, a feast of berries and fruit that took them both a long time to gather. Spinda had been at the feast and ate some of the food, and after that she decided to go and look for a present because she hadn’t gotten one yet.

Up ahead were tall, brown mountains, and she could feel the air becoming warmer while she was travelling. All she had to do was pass the tall trees on both sides of the path and then she could climb the mountain, but she did not know what was on the other side.

“It sure is a nice day today,” Spinda said with a smile. She lay down and looked up at the sky as she watched the clouds blow past.

Suddenly she felt something tickle her nose. She reached up and swatted something from nearby, but it came straight back. Curious, she sat up and turned around, only to discover a red and orange flower with big petals and a long, bending stalk.

“Wow,” she said in amazement, plucking the stem from the ground. “This is perfect! I can give it to Spanda for her birthday present.”

Spinda decided to go home after that, and so she followed the path, saying hello to lots of other friendly pokémon on the way. After the long time of a whole hour, she finally arrived back at her home. She lived near some rocks that created perfect walls for houses, and the long palm leaves over the top made nice roofs.

She spotted Spanda, Spunda and Spindie throwing an oran berry between themselves and called out, “Spanda, I got you a present!”

Spanda, Spunda and Spindie ran wonkily over to Spinda, and they all looked very excited. “Oh, another present?” asked Spanda.

Spinda pulled the flower from behind her and held it out to her friend, and Spanda smiled. “Happy birthday, Spanda!”

“Thank you very much!” she cheered, but as she reached out to grab it, Spinda tottered the wrong way and fell over! She landed on the flower and quickly got up. But all the petals had fallen off, and the stem was crinkled.

“Oh no!” Spinda cried, and tried to put the petals back on. But it wouldn’t work. “I’m very sorry!” Spinda sat down and began feeling very foolish and sad for falling over.

“That’s okay,” Spanda said calmly. “It’s nice enough that you thought to get me a present.”

“I know! I can go get you another one,” suggested Spinda, and Spanda lightened up.

Just as Spinda began to feel a bit better, Spindie said, “Wait a moment!” He moved closer to the flower, picked it up in his paws, and began studying it. “ a Magma Daisy,” he exclaimed.

“A Magma Daisy?” gasped Spunda, surprised by Spindie’s answer. “They grow near lava, don’t they?” Spinda was ready to shake her head, because that’s not where she found hers. “Aren’t they also known as the Sacred Flowers?”

“Yes,” answered Spunda with a thoughtful face. He looked at Spinda. “Where did you get this?”

Spinda was suddenly scared because she thought she might have done the wrong thing! “I-I found it! It t-tickled my nose!”

“It’s not a good idea to go and pick another one,” Spindie said firmly. “It’s forbidden.”

“Oh,” Spunda began sadly, “but it’s so pretty...” She looked down, and Spinda guessed she was disappointed that her birthday present turned out to be something she couldn’t keep.

“We can find another present,” Spunda offered, but Spinda turned away.

“...I don’t care if I’m not allowed to!” she shouted, and everyone fell silent. “I want to pick another one for Spanda! Because it’s my present to her.”

“Spinda, no!” called Spunda. “You’ll be punished if you go near the place where the Magma Daisies grow!”

Spinda stopped, and Spanda said, “You don’t have to get me another one.”

“I want to!” snapped Spinda before she kept tottering down the path she was on earlier.


“It’s not fair...” Spinda sniffed, wiping her eyes with her paw. “Spunda and Spindie got Spanda a present, and I have to get her one too!” She stumbled on a rock and fell over, and she was just about ready to give up. “This is too hard... I can’t do it!” she yelled.

Suddenly she looked up, and the spinda realised something. She saw that tree. The nice looking tree she leaned against just before the Magma Daisy tickled her nose. She had made it! Spinda got to her feet and jumped for joy – but had to be careful not to lose her balance – and began tottering down the path once again, passing the tree she’d been to before.

She teetered and stumbled her way to the base of the mountain after walking unsteadily between trees blanketed with ash, and she gasped. “This mountain must actually be a volcano! One of the ones the Magma Daisies grow on, too.”

She began climbing, using rocks poking out as steps and as things to grab. She nearly slipped a few times, but quickly regained her balance and kept climbing. She stopped to rest half way up, and she couldn’t help but feel a little bit cold. “This makes no sense,” she said. “I thought volcanoes were hot.” She was warm at the same time, but she felt almost worried.

She began to feel the heat once she reached the top, and she was surprised when she saw that this volcano had rocks placed like steps leading down to a piece of ground inside the volcano, and spread in front of that was a large pool of lava. Magma Daisies were growing everywhere on the inside of the volcano, but none were in the right spot. However, on the other side of the lava was another rocky section, but there was a small ledge with three of the flowers she wanted to get. They were the only ones in reach!

Spinda felt tingles down her spine, but she was determined to find a Magma Daisy for Spanda. After all, Spanda would have done it for her...wouldn’t she?

Spinda hopped down the steps and finally reached the rocky ground, and stared out across the lava. There were stepping stones all around, and she was happy to find that they didn’t sink as she stepped on the first one. Any other pokémon would have been crazy to do such a thing, but Spinda knew that she had to do this. So she kept hopping, but at one point her foot slipped, just like when she was climbing, and she was nearly touching the lava! But she squirmed and hauled her legs back onto the rock. “Is this really worth it?” she wondered, rather frightened.

As she got to her unsteady feet and hopped to the next stepping stone, Spunda’s words repeated in Spinda’s head: “You’ll be punished if you go near the place where the Magma Daisies grow!”

And suddenly a whistling sound made her jump. She almost decided to head back and get Spanda a different birthday gift, but she had come so far, and she was only five stepping stones away from the ledge! She swallowed hard and made a wonky jump, and landed with a thump on the rock.

But then the lava jumped up and splashed her on the face, and she screamed, completely taken by surprise. It didn’t hurt that much, but it had hurt enough! She stood up and turned to the ledge again to make a final decision, but another bit of lava leaped out of the large pool and landed over her eye, and then more flew onto her ears. She roared in pain and turned back around, beginning to bound away until she was on the rock again. She backed up against the wall and touched all the places she had been struck. She yelped as she felt how painful it was, and she began to cry.

Suddenly a voice boomed, “Spinda!”

Spinda jumped out of her fur as she threw her head around, trying to find the pokémon who spoke. “W-what do you want?”

“Because of your disobedience, you and your kind will be punished with spots. Spots on your face and spots on your ears,” it said.

“But why?” Spinda called sadly, still crying.

“You were warned, but you did not listen. I, the almighty Volcano Pokémon, will give you these marks as punishment with my special lava, and as a reminder that no pokémon is to ever touch these sacred flowers.”

Spinda needed no further convincing. She scrambled up the rocks – nearly fell – and dashed down the mountain side.

She would never disobey anyone again.

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