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Default Re: The Canalave Library (for all writers to contribute!)

Aaaaaand another one.

How Salamence Got Their Wings

One day, a small bagon, Bagon, was relaxing by the side of a river. His brother and sister were playing a game of tag, and his parents were sitting nearby.

The small bagon waddled up to his parents and observed them. They were both very large and blue all over. Their bellies and chests were covered in long white plates, and they had strong legs and a tail. They looked very mighty and powerful, but Bagon couldn’t help but think something was missing. Something important.

“Mother, how fast can you run?” asked Bagon.

“Not very fast, dear one,” she replied, lowering her head to her child’s height.

“Father, how high can you jump?” he asked his father.

“Not very high, son.”

Bagon thought for a moment, putting a paw to his chin. “But if you can’t jump high and can’t run fast, then how do you win battles?”

“We are powerful pokémon,” his mother answered, and his father nodded in agreement.

But Bagon knew something was missing. He wanted to fly.


Years later, when Bagon had become a salamence, he had changed his name to Salamence and changed his look. He no longer lived with his parents or his brother or sister, and instead he lived in the side of a mountain. He had made a path with his sharp claws and thick tail, so that he could easily get to his home when he wanted to sleep.

The next day was Salamence’s birthday, and he was excited to see what his parents were going to give him. Last year he got a hat made of straw and leaves, but that had dried out and he had to throw it away shortly after. He hoped to get a (very large) boat this year so he could sail across the seas and meet new friends across the lands, but he knew that would take a lot of effort. But, since he was small compared with normal salamence, he thought it would not be too hard.

It was evening by the time salamence had eaten his dinner, and he looked at the darkening sky. “The clouds are pretty tonight,” he said to himself. The sky was pink, orange and yellow from all the clouds and their wonderful colour, and they were indeed pretty.

While Salamence was admiring the view, he suddenly caught sight of a tiny light between two clouds. He thought it was strange. “What’s that?” He frowned, squinting his eyes to try to see what was causing it. But he couldn’t identify what it was; it was simply too far away.

When he thought he wouldn’t be able to make it out, it grew brighter. He started to become a little bit scared and backed up. The light kept getting bigger, and at that point, Salamence realised that it was getting closer.

When it got close enough, Salamence noticed that it was actually a giant rock which was blazing with fire. He gasped and hid behind a large boulder along the path to his house, and there was a huge shattering noise as the meteor crashed into the ground and broke a tree or two. Salamence peered over the rock and came out from behind it. He watched as some of the meteor broke off and he saw a yellow and white head that was poking out of a yellow ball. At this he was confused; why would there be a pokémon on a meteor?

Out of curiosity, Salamence walked closer until he saw green tags on each end of the pokémon’s head, which looked like the top half of a star. He didn’t know what this pokémon was, but soon enough he would find out as the pokémon groaned and its little eyes opened.

Showing his bravery, Salamence stood firmly and looked at this creature again, and its body uncurled from the ball it was before. Now it was a little white body with arms and stubby legs. “Hello, there,” Salamence said slowly, and the pokémon began floating, and it smiled.

“Hi!” she replied, moving through the air with a yellow glow surrounding her. “My name is Jirachi.”

“Jirachi...” mimicked Salamence, trying to remember if he had heard about this pokémon or not.

“I will grant you one wish,” Jirachi offered, “for being the first one to see me when I awoke from my thousand year-slumber.”

“R-really?” stuttered Salamence. He couldn’t believe this! “A wish?”

“Yes,” Jirachi said happily.

Salamence thought hard. What would he want? Speed? No... Did he want to be bigger? No... “Oh! I want to fly; I want to have wings!” he exclaimed, remembering that he was both slow and unable to jump very high.

“You want wings?” asked Jirachi with a grin.

“Yes, I want all of salamence-kind to have wings! Big blue ones, just like my body.”

“Okay!” Jirachi sung, spinning around in mid-air. “When you awake, you will have the wings that you have earned.”

“It can be a birthday present!” Salamence cheered excitedly, and ran back down the path and towards his home, calling, “Thank you!” over his shoulder.


The next day, Salamence woke up. He shook his head and gave his legs a big stretch.

Then he remembered.

“The wings I wished for!” he shouted, and his neck bent around so he could see his back.

But there was nothing.

“Where are my wings?” asked Salamence sadly. “Oh,” he then said, “I must be sitting on them!” So up he got, and with a giant smile, he looked down and saw...nothing. Salamence glanced around and began searching for them. He checked under three rocks, and he still didn’t find them! “Where could they be?” Salamence asked himself. He sat down and felt his smile turn into a frown. “Jirachi must have tricked me!” he yelled, and he began to get angry.

So, with a rumbling stomp, the salamence thudded up the path and reached the meteor. He bowled the massive rock over and tore at it until it was but a pile of rubble. There was no sign of Jirachi. Salamence roared and made his way across the rocky earth that had grass growing in random places. He was looking about everywhere for Jirachi as he began to cross a bridge made of rock that hung over a wide river far, far down below.


Salamence stopped and turned around, and that’s when he saw something dangling from the cliff that he was just on. “Jirachi?” he wondered.

“Salamence! Please help me!” Jirachi pleaded. She looked scared and kind of sleepy as she clung tightly to some rock poking out from the side of the cliff’s wall.

“Why can’t you float?” called Salamence.

“I’m too tired! I have no energy left,” explained Jirachi as she hung.

Salamence quickly hurried back across the bridge to where he’d come, and rushed to Jirachi. He bent over as he stood on the edge, and just when he was about to pull Jirachi up, there was a loud breaking noise. Salamence looked behind him and noticed a large crack that surrounded the part of the rock he was standing on. “Oh no!” he yelped, and quickly took Jirachi into his mouth and tossed her behind him onto stable ground. But then the slab of rock broke and crumbled down the cliff side with Salamence still on it. He watched the cliff opposite him sink lower and lower as he fell, and that was the last thing he saw before blackness swallowed him.


A while later, Salamence slowly opened up eyes. He rubbed his head because it was sore, and then looked around. He was a little bit puzzled. He looked down, and saw that he was on solid rock. Then Salamence jumped up, calling out, “I’m alright!” He glanced over the ground he was standing on and saw the river closer than when he was on the bridge, but still a long way down. Then he looked up and saw the top of the cliff not that far up. When he fell, he must have landed on a ledge that saved him! Although Salamence was very happy to be alive, he then asked himself something. “How will I get back home?”

While he was thinking of a way, he felt something become itchy, and he turned around to scratch it when he saw...


It was true! Sprouting from his back were two red wings in the shape of umbrellas. “They aren’t blue, but I still love them!” he called. Then he thought of something: he could use his wings to fly back home!

So he walked to the edge of the ledge. He felt fear ripple through him, but, standing tall and brave, he jumped! His wings spread widely out and began to keep him up. He flapped them, and he began to rise! “Wow!” he exclaimed, and flapped them more, and soon he was flying up, down and all around! “This is wonderful!” He flew up to the land he was on before he fell, and he saw Jirachi. He landed with a thump and looked at her with a big smile. “Thank you, Jirachi.”

“Thank you,” Jirachi said back. “I don’t know what would have happened to me if you hadn’t rescued me.”

“You’re welcome,” Salamence answered. He was about to leave, but he stopped himself. “Jirachi, do you want to celebrate my birthday with me and my family?” he asked.

“Oh, I would be delighted!” Jirachi replied, happy as can be. “But first...I need a nap,” she giggled, and Salamence laughed too.


Later that day, Salamence, his brother, his sister, his parents and Jirachi all had a party! They had all learned how they grew wings like Salamence had, and were all very amazed. And guess what? Salamence got a boat as his present! But he no longer needed it.

Because now he had wings.

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