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Default Re: The Canalave Library (for all writers to contribute!)


Jolly good! Now it shall be my pleasure to contribute to this fine establishment!

How Charmander Got its Fire

Long ago, before humans made an appearance in the lives of Pokémon, there existed the first Charmander. Charmander had no fire then, living life as a simple orange lizard within holes in the ground. Yet he enjoyed his peaceful life for a time—nibbling at roots and insects—until he began to feel empty, as if something was missing in his life.

"I got everything a Charmander could want," he often contemplated, "but why do I feel like this? What am I missing?"

Then one day Charmander saw Cyndaquil and Chimchar playing on the mountainside. He watched with wonder and envy as Cyndaquil's back lit on fire and Chimchar's tail flickered with flame.

"Oh! That's what I need," Charmander concluded. "Fire! I want fire!"

But how, he pondered, could he get fire?

Charmander went to the one Pokémon who could answer his question: Xatu.

The little lizard climbed to the peak of the mountain where Xatu stared into the sun all day. Reaching the peak, he asked the strange bird his question:

"Why do you stare at the sun? Aren't your eyeballs fried?"

"Pardon?" The tall bird turned around.

"Oh, I-I mean...,"Charmander sputtered.

Xatu chuckled, "I stare into the sun because it gives me knowledge, young Charmander."

"Really? Can it tell you how I can get fire?"

"You wish to receive the power of fire?" Xatu turned to the sunset. "I will see what I can do..."

Charmander waited. And waited. And waited...

After what seemed ages, Xatu suddenly spread his wings.


Charmander jumped awake. "What? What's going on?"

"I have seen it! The only way you can obtain fire, young Charmander, is to obtain a feather from the Flame Pokémon Moltres!"

"A feather? From Moltres?" Charmander repeated in wonder. Could it really be that simple?

"Yes," Xatu nodded, folding his wings back. "Eat a feather from Moltres' wings and you will have your fire!"

Charmander thanked Xatu and left the psychic bird to its perch, with its perfect view the sunset. All through that night and the next day, the little lizard journeyed to Moltres' roost: the crown of an active volcano.

When he finally reached that destination, he saw the Legendary Bird preening its fiery feathers upon the crown of a dead tree. The little lizard couldn't help but be a little intimidated by its sheer power and majesty. Desperate for fire, however, he bravely trudged up to it.

"WHO GOES THERE?" Moltres screeched once he heard Charmander’s approach.

"," Charmander stuttered, courage quickly flying at the Legend’s harsh demand. "You're Fiery-ness-ness..."

"Charmander! Why have you come?" Moltres said a little more gently.

"Well, your flaming-ness, I couldn't help but admire your burning glory..."

"Yes, go on," the vain, self-centered Moltres encouraged.

"Well, I-I was-s wondering...could I...perhaps...have one of your...f-feathers? Please?"

Moltres stared long and hard at Charmander before it threw its beak back and began laughing. Charmander was mystified, but not wanting to upset Moltres, he chuckled back uneasily. Then Moltres snapped shut and turned to the little lizard with sudden vehemence.

"Let me get this straight. You... want me to give you one of my special feathers?" He glared at poor Charmander, as if expecting him to answer.

"Please?" Charmander squeaked, quivering in fear.

"GET OFF MY MOUNTAIN!" Moltres roared.

Charmander didn't need to be told twice. He high-tailed it out of there faster than a Ponyta on a sunny day.

Once he gathered his wits, Charmander began to form a plan. He was so determined to get fire that he was daring enough to face Moltres again... if not, indirectly.


The sun descended, and night took over. Moltres settled once again into its nest to rest until the sun rays roused it the next morning. Little did it know that it was being carefully watched by two little blue eyes.

Once Moltres had fallen soundly asleep, Charmander crawled out of his hiding spot and snuck out into the open, all the while watching the bird warily. He kept imagining it waking up and unleashing a fiery wrath on him, even though the bird never stirred. Before he knew it, Charmander was within reach of a feather. He watched Moltres, letting his thumping heart calm down.

Then, he reached a shaking paw towards a feather...

Moltres warbled in his sleep.

Charmander froze, heart racing faster than ever before. But Moltres was soundly sleeping once again. Breathing a sigh of relief, he tried again, needlessly slower. His claws wrapped around one shaft, and his heart raced even faster. Ever so delicately he tugged it out.

Moltres stirred.

Charmander squeezed his eyes shut, expecting an instantaneous fiery demise, but nothing happened. He opened them again and to his greatest relief he saw that Moltres was still asleep. Its magical feather was flickering in his tiny claws. He cheered inwardly, then snuck away from Moltres’ roost. Once he cleared the volcano's crown, he examined the feather more closely. It looked as if a flame were flickering in his palms, but somehow still retained a feather-like structure.

"I did it!" Charmander congratulated himself, "I got fire!"

Dancing around in circles, he admired the feather and his good fortune. When he was finished, he raised the feather to his maw and down it went. The feather tasted like the hottest Figy berry imaginable. It filled Charmander with such energy that his eyes began to water. Seeking relief, he opened his mouth and sucked in all the cold night air he could. On the exhale, to his amazement, a stream of fire surged forth. A Flamethrower! Charmander had breathed a Flamethrower!

A horrible screech filled the air, a screech all too familiar to Charmander.

Moltres had awoken.

The lizards legs turned to jelly as the Flaming bird appeared over the lip of the volcano. Its sharp eyes easily spotted Charmander 's new flaming tail.


Charmander took off running, Moltres hot on his tail. In its rage the bird torched the earth, burning anything green around it. Grasslands started on fire, and trees were reduced to ash.

When the smoke cleared, it seemed that nothing had survived Moltres 's wrath.

Except Charmander.

He crawled out of a burrow and shook the ash and soot off of him, completely unscathed.

"WHAT!" Moltres screeched furiously. "HOW?!"

"I'll tell you how," Charmander stepped forward boldly. The energy from the feather still burned bright within him, making him feel invincible. "I'm a fire-type now! That's how!"

"You stole my feather," Moltres put the pieces together, "then you ATE it!!!"

"Yep," Charmander grinned like a proud fool.

Moltres screeched again, the loudest and harshest one yet. "You will pay for you insolence, lizard! I may not be able to harm you now, but I can still make you suffer! You can have your fire, but if that flame on the tip of your tail ever, ever goes out... your life will end!"

With that, Moltres screeched for the last time and stormed off, leaving Charmander to his own fate.

And to this day, Charmander and his decedents guard their flame, through rain or snow, wind or shine, to make sure their flame never flickered out, ever wary of Moltres’ curse.


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