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Default Re: The Canalave Library (for all writers to contribute!)

How Typhlosion Learned Wild Charge

One day long ago, in the Village of Fire, a Typhlosion stood. He was meditating, to increase his Fire powers. His child walked by, a Cyndaquil. He asked his father,

"Father, how can you be so strong, yet you only know Fire moves. What if the village were to encounter a water type?"

Typhlosion stood befuddled, for he did not know what would happen if there were to be a Water type ambush on the village. Typhlosion did not know how to answer his son's question, so he said, "My child, there has never been a water type attack on the village, and I do not think that there will ever be one."

The Cyndaquil had a questioning look on his face, for he knew that the catastrophe would happen, but he did not know when. 'I must prepare to save my family one day. I just know the water types will attack; it is a reasonable prediction,' he thought. The young Cyndaquil studied water type Pokemon day and night, wondering how he could ever defeat them.

After a long study session, Cyndaquil approached the Village elder, Ho-Oh. All the fire types knew not to approach Ho-Oh without reasonable cause, but this seemed like an emergency to young Cyndaquil.

"Oh Ho-Oh the great, please, shower me with your knowledge! I summon you!" Cyndaquil shouted.

Ho-Oh appeared with grace, flying down to the shrine to see who had summoned it. When Ho-Oh spotted Cyndaquil, his face was painted with anger.

"Young Cyndaquil, you do not need to awaken me from my sleep. This is your only warning. Now what have you summoned me for?" Ho-Oh shouted.

"I need your knowledge. I know that one day, the Water types will attack. Their leader Lugia will pummel you with Hydro Pump," Cyndaquil complained.

"Why, I can take Lugia. It has been done many years ago, before your father existed, before your Grandfather existed!" Ho-Oh bragged.

"But Ho-oh the great, what if it were to happen again?" Cyndaquil shivered at the thought.

"Then I would use Thunder and take Lugia down once more," Ho-Oh bragged yet again at his power.

"Thunder?" Cyndaquil questioned. "But you are a fire type, not an electric type." Cyndaquil now questioned Ho-Oh's knowledge.

"That is true young Cyndaquil, but I can learn Thunder." Ho-Oh spoke.

"Would you mind showing me?" Cyndaquil begged.

"Why not? It's quite easy!" Ho-Oh smirked. Ho-Oh rose into the sky, charging it's power and then, BOOM! Lightning poured from the sky with stunning energy which Cyndaquil could feel many feet away. "Does this satisfy you?" Ho-Oh said, examining Cyndaquil's remarks.

"Wow! That was amazing Ho-Oh! I see why they call you the almighty. But, what about me, can I learn Thunder?" Cyndaquil inquired.

"Why of course not!" Ho-Oh chuckled, sending Cyndaquil away.

Tears filled Cyndaquil's eyes, for he had been mocked by the almighty Ho-Oh. "I will prove Ho-Oh wrong! I will use an Electric move!" Cyndaquil determined that he must prove Ho-Oh wrong, for the sake of his village.

Cyndaquil started to study non-stop once again. He went without eating, he went without sleeping.

He studied all of the electric type moves.

"At last!" Cyndaquil exclaimed. "I have found it!"

Cyndaquil ventured out into the wild to train.

"I must learn Wild Charge!" Cyndaquil pledged. Cyndaquil surged all his power out of his body and dashed! He felt great! He charged into a tree, knocking a couple of Oran berries off. When he slowed down, he realized he had used Flare Blitz, not Wild Charge. He was disappointed.

"I'll need the help of an Electric Pokemon!"

Cyndaquil searched for the Electric Village. He knew he need to find an electric type to help him achieve his goal. When he reached the village, he found a Jolteon.

"Hey, you! What are you doing in our village?!" Jolteon shrieked.

"I have come in search of an electric type to help me achieve my goal," Cyndaquil carried on. "Are you an electric type?"

Jolteon smiled. "Of course I am! Watch this!" Jolteon fired a Thunderbolt. Cyndaquil sat silently in amazement.

"Jolteon, can you help me learn Wild Charge?" Cyndaquil pleaded.

"Hmm, I guess I can. Let's go into the woods to train." Jolteon nodded.

They trotted out into the woods. Cyndaquil was as eager as ever.

"So, Cyndaquil. Just summon all of your electricity out on your body and then charge!" Jolteon shouted. Cyndaquil focused, and focused, and focused some more. Nothing happened.

"Um, now what?" Cyndaquil questioned.

"Let me help," Jolteon said. Jolteon fired a weak charge at Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil absorbed the shock, and then tried to focus it outwards. Nothing happened. Jolteon fired again. Nothing.

Jolteon and Cyndaquil trained long and hard everyday. Before he knew it, Cyndaquil evolved into Quilava.

"I evolved!" Quilava excitingly shouted.

Jolteon smiled, "This is great! Now it should be easier to learn Wild Charge!"

They still trained vigorously every day.

One day, at the end of training, Quilava tried to summon his inner electricity. A spark flared, and electricity covered him! Sadly, it was only brief.

Jolteon looked amused, "Awesome! We're almost there!"

The next day, the same happened, but the electric flare covered Quilava longer. Then the next day, longer. It was progressively longer each and every day. Soon after, Quilava evolved into Typhlosion.

After many months of training, Typhlosion achieved Wild Charge. "I did it!" he screamed.

"You did it!" Jolteon screamed in response.

"Thank you, Jolteon, for everything!" Typhlosion thanked.

"Best of luck, Typhlosion!" Jolteon said.

Typhlosion returned to the village, to find it under attack. The offenders were water Pokemon. Typhlosion knew this day would come, so he went on all fours, charged himself, and dashed. He hit a Vaporeon, knocking it out. Again and again, he used Wild Charge, knocking out a Pokemon each time. The war waged on, Typhlosion growing more weary each time Wild Charge was used.

After the last water Pokemon was defeated, Lugia shot out of the ocean, on a collision course with Ho-Oh. Ho-Oh flew down from the sky and shot a lightning bolt at Lugia. Lugia was hurt, but conscious. Ho-Oh shot another. Lugia was still charging at him.

Lugia hit Ho-Oh with Hydro Pump, knocking him out of the sky. Typhlosion had to help. He fired his strongest Wild Charge yet, and dashed at Lugia, hitting him in the stomach. It was a critical hit. Lugia collapsed. The fire types had emerged victorious.

Everyone praised Typhlosion, amazed that he knew Wild Charge. Ho-Oh recovered at a steady pace, and when he finally healed completely, he visited Typhlosion.

"Thank you for what you have done. You deserve the highest of honors," Ho-Oh said.

"Aw, it was nothing!" Typhlosion blushed.

The fire village was at peace. Typhlosion had a baby Cyndaquil now, who took after him and knew Wild Charge. From that day on, every Cyndaquil, Quilava, and Typhlosion was capable of learning Wild Charge.


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