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Arrow Pokemon red proud eyes edition V2

Hack Name: Pokemon red proud eyes edition V2

Hack of: Pokemon Red US/EU (GameBoy)


Hello everyone, Break here with an update to my old romhack "Pokemon red proud eyes edition". I am still very new to this is really a personal project I have been working on in my free time.


This hack has the same storyline as the dialogue has been changed.


-The type of pokemon that appear on the title screen have been updated
-Your rival's party pokemon have been updated depending on your starting pokemon at different points in the game
-All of the gym leaders & elite 4's pokemon and moves have been updated
-Upon defeating a gym leader, you get 3 of their TMs instead of 1
-All of the casino prizes and coin costs have been updated
-The in-game trades you can do have been updated throughout the game
-Pokemarts have gotten a major update, so they feel more personalized
-And even more extensive wild pokemon edit this time, so you are now able to catch them all in one game


Progress ( Complete )

Title Screen - 100%
Rival's Party - 100%
Gym Leaders - 100%
Elite 4 - 100%
Casino Prizes - 100%
Pokemarts - 100%
Wild Pokemon - 100%

Download Patch

Credits - for letting me host my images - for letting me upload gameplay footage of my romhack - for letting me host my patch for download - for creating the Lunar ISP tool - for helping me understand how to use this tool (Nightcrawler) - for creating the editors to make my romhack - for testing my original romhack and giving me lots of feedback


email -
twitter - @Proud_Eyes
facebook -
youtube -

Pokemon Red 3DS-XL friend code : 1864-9639-1699 (Zeheart)
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