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Default Re: The Canalave Library (for all writers to contribute!)

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post
Thank you for your wonderful submissions! :D Both are accepted and thoroughly enjoyable.

SJ, I edited your post only because you gave me permission, and made little changes such as "pored" to "poured" and an oran berry falling "out" to an oran berry falling "off" the tree. And when you write speech, you generally put a comma at the end if what follows is "he said" or "she yelled," etc. However, if the speech is the end of the sentence, and what comes after the speech is completely unrelated to it, then it can be a new sentence and the sentence can start with a capital, meaning the speech has a period at the end. Also, thoughts are generally italicised and without quotation marks, or, as I do it, single quotation marks. So I altered that too.

Great stories, guys! :D Thank you so much for your interest!

Oh you! :3

Alrighty, I'll keep it in mind. Thanks Xanthe!
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