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Default Re: Is Pokemon Black/White's graphic's focused on the wrong thing?

I'd like to add on that if you are really this unappreciative of what Nintendo has created for us in BW, I'm quite sad that you don't really understand how much extent they put into the game. I don't know what your expecting... If they didn't care about the story base at all heck they'd keep it in kanto or some other region and and random pokemon for no good reason. They create an environment specifically designed to cater to the storyline and the pokemon themselves. Heck now they are creating Black & White 2 specifically as a sequel to help develop the storyline of the Unova region. Did you notice how they continued the Kanto story via Johto? The graphics are only this good because of the ever changing technology... if they spent little time on graphics you could be buying a game with GBC level graphics.
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