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Default Re: ASB Discussion and Suggestions

Originally Posted by Riataro View Post
The forum itself has a pretty good member base. The problem is how do you keep them playing the ASB. I agree that the National Park isn't going to work out at this very moment so I was thinking of making this more appealing single player styled things. You see I've noticed that almost every option in the ASB requires two or more players to work. Why not use "NPCs" or Refs to take the position of the other player. These will require more action updates but it becomes similar to that of a TRPG where an updater helps the player progress through a simulated story. Though with the NPCs a player can choose from sever different "stock" trainers where he/she can battle instead of another actual person.

The point of this is to provide a option for members to play without the need to rely on other players, though this will require a lot more updates from the staff.
Okay, maybe think about it this way...
If you verse one of these NPCs, one of the staff or someone has to control him or her.
Thus it still requires two people to participate.

If the purpose of this is, to have a controlled difficulty, (Which is what I'm guessing...) you can do that yourself. When posting a challenge in the VS Seeker, use limitations to bring the level of difficulty down.
Example - You can only use stage 1 pokemon for this battle.