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Default Re: ASB Discussion and Suggestions

Originally Posted by eishiba View Post
Couldn't one make levels for something like this? I know it sounds more like a "luck" game but you could roll 1-100 to determine the level of the Pokemon you find. It wouldn't have to affect how it battles or its HP or energy amount.
Levels don't really work out much in my mind. Since this is entire section of the forum is ANime Style based, levels don't make sense in my head at all.

The equasion I suggested before: [Remaining HP + Remaining Energy]/Capture rate

This would allow a more level playing field regarding points and winners. Yes, someone could potentially win with a Caterpie or Metapod, but rarer finds with lower capture rates, give you more points by having a lower divisible denominator. I'm leaving a level factor completely out of it because...well this is Anime Style battling. XD

It's hard enough to find rare Pokemon on the Safari System we have now. Finding rare Pokemon in a National Park run doesn't seem much different to me.
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