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Default Re: Mawile-Danmaku VS. sammy0295


[Rocky] Aggron (M)
Ability: Rock Head
Health: 42%
Energy: 18%
Status: Like taking Gummis from a Togepi.

[Jet] Pidgeot* (M) l [Nitro] Nidoking (M)
Ability: Keen Eye l Ability: Poison Point
Health: 39% l Health: 50%
Energy: 28% l Energy: 6%
Status: Getting tired. [-1 SATK] l Status: Blood-hungry. [+1 ATK, +1 DEF, -1 SATK, -1 SPD, FRZ]

Round Six

Jet shut his eyes and focus himself in meditation, as deep as one can go while during a battle. He was pleading for strength, begging the great Ra. He needed the last bit of power to win this battle. Suddenly he felt a sensation tingle along his spine to the tip of his wings. Egyptian eye make-up markings appeared under his eyes and began to glow. He felt the warm sun as its rays seemed to envelope the bird in a heat and energy. He suddenly spread out his wings which flash in the sun light as if he was made of pure gold. His prayer had been answered.
[Ra's Light; Jet: +2 SPATK, -2 ATK, Fire-Fly, -4 Energy]
Nitro prepared himself to. The light from the sun has loosed his frozen bonds to give him free movement. His toxins that he kept within him were slowly filling and secreting from the tall horn on his head. He lowered his head and anchored his body to the ground for a moment. He was panting heavily, but ready for his final blow. With great focus he suddenly burst forth from that spot at the fastest sprint at which he could handle. He rammed into the great metal beast with all the might that he could. The poison did not eat through or damage the tough metal armor of the beast, but the power of impact knocked him back. However... Nitro did not stand back up to continue fighting. He was panting heavily on the ground dizzy from the exertion. He was returned to his owners ball for a good rest.
[Head Smash + Poison Jab; Rocky: -10 Health | Nitro: -3 Health, -20 Energy]
Aggron, the mighty metal beast gained a strong stance. He spread his jaws wide. A cold and chocking feeling crept up his throat. Then suddenly a beam of icy energy shot from his mouth. Traveling at a fast speed, it hit the bird in the air. It was knocked back by the icy beam, but soon the heat ran through his body again and regained his sense of balance and power.
[Ice Beam; Jet: -11 Health | Rocky: -9 Energy]
Jet stretched out his golden wings. The sun lent its energy to the bird, warming the wings to a boiling temperature. The bird let out a harsh caw before clapping its wings together with a great strength. A boiling gust of heat rushed over the dinosaur heating his metal armor and licking away his strength. The wind had done a better job than expected, the heat kept by the metal seemed to cause the boiling sensation to continue even after the the gust had stopped. The beast roared as the pain began to die down as the air took back its heat.
[Overheat; Rocky: -9 Energy | Jet: -27 Health, Critical]
With his final roar, the cold feeling in his throat soothed him from the heat. He released the energy in a final attempt to win this battle. But as the beam left his mouth he knew his energy had been spent. He shut it and collapsed to the grassy bed. His beam of energy hit the bird in the air. As the bird spiraled down it hit the ground as well. He was, unlike his opponent, able to stand back up. That was it, the match had been won. The trainers shook hands and offered their congratulations.
[Ice Beam; Jet: -11 Health | Rocky: -9 Energy]


[Rocky] Aggron (M)
Ability: Rock Head
Health: 15%
Energy: 0%
Status: Fainted!

[Jet] Pidgeot* (M) l [Nitro] Nidoking (M)
Ability: Keen Eye l Ability: Poison Point
Health: 17% l Health: 47%
Energy: 15% l Energy: -14%
Status: Getting tired. [+1 SATK, -2 ATK] l Status: Fainted!

Sammy0295 has won the battle!
Sammy 0295 receives $24
Mawile-Danmaku receives $10
Lord Fedora receives $5
KantoBreeder receives $15
Velocity receives $5
Dino receives $5