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Default Daycare Center Plus

The Daycare was where you could purchase Egg Moves (also known as Breeding Moves, or BMs), Move Tutor moves (MTs), and Special Moves (SMs). However, due to a revision, the Daycare and the PokeMart have merged their services into a joint operation. All Daycare moves can now be purchased at the PokeMart. Transactions for Daycare moves are the same as they are for normal Mart purchases; list the moves you’d like and deduct the cost from the total amount of money you currently have.

  • All Daycare moves are $5,000 each.
  • There is no limit for Daycare moves now; you can purchase as many as you like for as many Pokemon as you like. This means you can buy as many Daycare moves as you have money for, instead of only being able to buy up to two at once like before.
  • There is no longer a wait before being able to use Daycare moves. They are available as soon as the purchase is approved.
  • If the above didn’t make this clear, your purchase MUST be approved BEFORE you use any Daycare moves, just as any other purchase must be approved before the items can be used.
  • Please post at the PokeMart to purchase Daycare moves.
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