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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 1- The Start of a Legend!

Nick yawned widely as he edged his self out of bed. This was the first day of his exciting Pokemon quest. Nick Dunbar lived in the heart of Valencia Island, the starting island of the famous Orange Islands. The Orange Islands werenít like regular islands with regular gyms with regular gym leaders and regular gym battles. Oh no, these islands were very special...
The Orange Islands Gyms were filled with contests that you had to use pure skill. Its not how big or how strong your pokemon are but how well you trained it, how smart and how much skill your pokemon and you BOTH have.

Nick slipped on his black jeans. He rolled up the bottoms of the jeans so they weren't so long. He then slipped on his gray shoes and put on his blue shirt. Last Nick had clipped on his PokeGear and slid on his black and blue hat on backwards. He grabbed his bag and ran down stairs.

This was the day where Nick started his destiny of a becoming an Orange Islands Pokemon Master...

"I'm out Mom" Nick said, walking away from his home.

Nick wasnít going to see his mom for awhile, his dad wasnít there to keep her company cause he was off in a different region, trying to become a Pokemon master. He left years ago and hasnít talked to the Dunbar family in a long time. They all thought it was because he was ashamed to talk or come home as a failure.

Nickís mom and her oversized fat Skitty, CoCo, waved off. Nick was headed to Professor Ivy's Pokemon Lab.

"What are you doing here?" grunted Jason Ivy. Jason was Nick's worst enemy. He always picked on him. He was also Nickís cousin sadly. Their moms were sisters. Jason and Nick never did like each other. Jason picked on Nick with every opportunity. Of course, Nick couldn't say he was any nicer to Jason.

"Iím here to get a pokemon" Nick confronted Jason.

"Well your to late, I already got the best there was!" Jason said, just picking on Nick like always. "Itís ok Nicky Boy, maybe you will get lucky and catch a better pokemon out in the wild".

"What pokemon did you get?" Nick asked politely.

"Wouldnít you like to know" laughed the rotten Jason. "Iíll see you at my victory party after I complete the Orange Islands and move on to bigger leagues to become the Pokemon Master of the World!" Jason showed off as he walked towards the first island to his 'victory party'.

"Wait hunny!" Prof. Ivy screamed. Jason stopped and looked behind him. "You forgot your undies!" she waved white tuggers up into the air. His face boiled with redness as he looked down and ran off from embrassment. She laughed at her joke, trying to calm the ease between Jason and Nick.

"Donít worry about him, its nice to see you again Nick" said Prof. Ivy.

"Its great to see you to Aunt Ivy" Nick said back to his Aunt.

Nick looked back to see Jason Ivy walk off. His blue jeans and black shirt waved in the wind with his blonde hair. Nick was still mad about Jason.

"So what pokemon do you have left for me?" Nick pondered

"Well I have had 2 trainers come in already today, your pretty late. I only have 3 pokemon left"

"Ok then, lets check them out!" Nick didn't care what they were, he just wanted to start his journey!
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