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Default Re: Pokérus Empire ® :Tausend Jahre Pokérus Reich: HIRING

Just in case nobody knew...

"It seems like just yesterday we were all playing with over 9000 others in the 2012 International Challenge, but it's time for another official ladder tournament put on by the kind folks at The Pokemon Company. Like the International Challenge, the 2012 Spring Friendly will use the same rules as this season's Video Game Championships so if you have a team ready for that, you're good to go!

Registration will be from 12:00AM GMT on May 2nd to 11:59PM GMT on May 9th. The competition itself will begin as soon as registration is over at 12:00AM on May 10th and go until 11:59PM on May 14th."

I still need a fire punching ttar if anyone can help me out

Edit: A distribution of Darkrai to Pokémon Black and White games through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection will also begin on May 9. Nothing else is known about this distribution except that Darkrai will come "equipped with a set of powerful attacks and a nightmarish Ability." It should be noted that the level 50 Darkrai distributed in Japan in 2010, and in South Korea, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Greece in 2011 all had the moves Dark Void, Ominous Wind, Faint Attack and Nightmare and held an Enigma Berry