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Default Re: Minty's Shiny Contest (Please Don't Post Yet!)


1. Follow ALL PE2K forum rules. I’m serious.
2. You may receive a maximum of three, that’s three eggs.
3. Only the people working here and I know what Pokémon will be in the eggs. So if you claim to win, but the Pokémon your egg hatched from was not one I gave you, you are disqualified.
4. 1 Egg= 1 Pokémon. Yes, you have to trade me to get the eggs. But honestly, you can give me three Patrat, and I won’t care. As long as you pay up, you’ll get the eggs.
5. You can keep the Pokémon that hatch from the eggs. Even if it doesn’t hatch shiny, it’s yours if you want it. You just have to indicate it in the entry form if you want to keep your hatched Pokémon or not.
6. All eggs will be given out on a set date, and you have a one week time span to have your eggs hatch.

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