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Default Re: Prism Online: Fully 3D Pokemon MMO

Actually, we did run into this consideration. We've talked to nintendo's legal team about this issue and the reply we got was that they can't "okay" a third party pokemon MMO production, but they also don't think it would be an issue if it was entirely free, and we were not making any profit (which also means no donations, even for servers etc). So in the end, we decided to kick pokemon to the curb, and go with a completely original concept still based off the idea of capturing and battling monsters. We've taken this opportunity to redesign a lot of the systems that were already laid out in the pokemon games. If you'd like a hand in this process feel free to join our forums and contribute! We have several ongoing threads discussing stuff like type systems, skill trees, combat style etc. The "full list" of features isn't yet complete since I'm working on writing up a comprehensive document but feel free to poke around the website and the forum; most of the features have been explained or discussed there.

Thanks for your interest!
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