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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

The answer to the question, apparently, was that the Cleric was the medic. Or should have been, at least.

"I know you're not normal, to say the least, but why in Arceus's divine grace is it that you aren't affected by Healing Magic?"

I also, apparently, was in a community of some sort, composed of human non-Volteer Arceists. Considering I was a Legend, that was about as much of a miracle as I could possibly obtain-of course, entirely ignoring the fact I gave the religion's primary deity s**tloads of reasons why he should loath me passionately, not to mention that Latries didn't exist in the Legendary Council.

At least the people involved in my rescue knew two things: I was a Volteer, and they knew better than to tell anyone else.

I happened to be in the back room of a temple, with a few beds: The Clerics here extended a helping hand to the sick and poor, though those that required absolute privacy were stuck back where I was. A gilded statue of Arceus stared down from a small shelf, lit up by candlelight, along with my PokéBalls (also intact, though Meta’s had a large scratch on his) and my two blades-but this small room, the only other comfort being a bucket to serve as a toilet (this place was NOT high-tech), served little purpose aside from making sure only those who were supposed to see me would. When the Cleric's magical skill in healing failed (that's the downside to complete magical immunity), I used Recover of my own accord (he didn't reconize it as a Pokemon move), though the Cleric demanded I stay for a little while, even after noticing I was well-I would get a (supposedly) very quick ride to the castle of the ruler of the land, with basic needs supplied on the go.

My clothes survived with little damage, for some reason. Apparently, whoever put these on me assumed I'd get myself in a whole load of bull****. The Cleric demanded that he washed them to make the preparation, including the beret-the beret that kept sound from the Latries ears. I prevented that crisis; the poor Cleric was easy to trick, and I used that when nothing else would work: Influency allowed the excuse of my beret being glued to my head by another Volteer, and the use of Telepathy to keep his hand from putting any force on the beret let the Cleric to let it to stay there. However, I didn’t try to do that with the rest of my clothes, so really, the only thing keeping me covered was the wool blanket. It was warm, but not soft.

...Really, nothing happened until thirty minutes later, when the Cleric came back with the cleaned clothes. He gave me privacy, and I quickly got dressed again in everything I had, got the belt with all my Pokémon on, sheathed the Illicit Blessing (I had no place to put the Onyx one), and left the room. I paid little attention to the actual monastery on the way out, nor the brief glimpse of the village around me. I was hastily shoved into the carriage, and the door closed, and they were off quickly, judging from the immediate roughness. That, or simply, the Carriage was usually this bumpy.

"To the capital, at once! Our Holy King Bavaden demands of it!" The Cleric said to whoever was driving this thing. He then turned to me, bread in his hand. "Here, eat it. We need you two somewhat nourished..."

I took the bread, but I didn't want to hear the word 'two' in that particular sentence. "Two? Did the other one survive?" I asked, knowing who he was probably referring to.

"To put it frankly, yes." The Cleric said. "However, our Holy King Bavaden had known what you two are capable of, and when your...Partner over there resisted, the retrieval party chained him tightly. He's in the back, but we gagged him. Not my choice, the gagging." The Cleric added. "I do hope he gets some sort of fair trial in front of our Holy King, but really, the instant he saw them, he attacked. Oh, but don’t fret, we gave him bread before he was gagged." Said the Cleric.

"Uh-huh. Say, you know that-"

Before I could speak, the Cleric took my hand and shoved the bread into it. I started eating-it was rough and not particularly tasty, but it was food, and that was enough for me to start chewing. "Hush! don't mention it, the driver must know none of this-this Valter thing." The Cleric muttered. "Yes, we do know that you're not from here, and whatever heathen religion you've got we'll bash out of you before you set on your holy mission-after which completion, you'll be free to repair your Ship, and leave." He added. I swallowed the bread.

"You're definitely Arceists, I know that much, but I'll do whatever if it's got a good reason backing it." I whispered back.

"You're not from around here, so I'll fill you in on one potential differentiation from other Arceists of our realm and...Wherever else they may be." The Cleric muttered. "A few centuries ago, a catastrophic event happened: A Shaymin from what is now known as the D**med Forest decided to rebel against Arceus and our lands, and immediately started using it's powers to decimate villages surrounding the woodlands, rallying Grass-types to assist her. It was only of our glorious Crimit that was harmed by this, henceforth the reason for the diversion." The Cleric whispered. "We prayed continuously to Arceus to send us a savior, a champion, to save us from the sudden attack. We got said savior within minutes: Ho-oh, the Legendary and divine bird of fire, decimated the legion of Grass-types and killed off the devilish Shaymin. As raids by other Grass-Types have been made over the years, we have only to know that the whole of the Shaymin and Ho-oh are still at some sort of conflict. Ho-oh, and all of his fiery brethren, are holy guides to salvation, while The Shaymin and their wicked, thorny servants wish to ensnare people from the true path." went he who told this obviously bull****-ridden story.

To start, something glaringly easy to know: Shaymin are usually more likely to flee than fight, and even in the bloster of confidence and bravery they get in Sky Form, they're still very considerate and sometimes still prone to being scared. Either way, you'd really, really, REALLY had to be working hard to piss one off enough to start killing people in the numbers described-considering the Cleric wasn’t exaggerating it or the villages consisted in the tens of people. I didn't doubt it actually occured-probably, the Shaymin thought that the human population had well overpopulated the area, and at this point had a ‘plausible justification,' and said, sole, single Shaymin went off and decided to destroy a few villages, but Arceus sent in Ho-oh, (who is a her, not a Him like the Cleric stated), to defeat the misguided Shaymin, and somebody saw a Sacred Fire go off. Ho-oh does that every other f***ing week like it's nobody's business, and she shoes away bystanders that gawk in awe at the fiery spectacle.

"Alright then, now let me guess what I have to do. You want me to go into the forest and kill-"

"I was only explaining it, because all I know you'll be doing is based around that particular concept, so I do assume it will revolve around going into and leaving the D**med Forest alive. Whether or not it will be that dangerous is...Questionable. I'd personally send an army after it, an army especially equipped to deal with such matters, had slaying that demon been the goal...That being said, I am forbidden to partake or assist in any violent affair as a Cleric, I took a vow of pacifism, and I intend to honor it." The Cleric whispered. "Whatever the plan is shall be known only to those our Holy King chose to know, which includes you and him."

I was forced to listen to more Arceist stuff-the Cleric would bring up a topic about Arceism that I had to answer often-but I dismissed anything that came out of his mouth as per the gender, nature, role, appearance, and even typing that I didn’t agree with: Sure, it was his religion, and I didn't blame him for believing something that I saw as clearly false. However, what happened to come out of his mouth was totally untrue for the most part-and considering I was the resident expert on Legendary Pokémon, that coming from my mouth has some authority. Come on, most Arceists know that Giratina is female (or at least considers herself female), and this guy clearly stated that Giratina was male. Rumors even Arceists commonly dismissed were believed by this man-and possibly, the whole of Crimit, regardless of it's size-and even I couldn't hide disbelief about some of the s**t. I didn't truly hate this guy: He was brought up on it, and they were mostly common misconceptions by those unaware of the Legend's true natures. However, considering who I was, I wasn't planning on becoming a true convert. All I had to do was parrot back a few words, and the Cleric believed me in full.

It took a few hours after the Cleric was done, which in itself took several. Apparently, this was as fast as the carriage went. There were no windows, by design, only a small hole above to make sure we didn't suffocate, and to bring in light. No idiot alive would put a candle in a wooden carriage when the carriage was prone to shaking and bumping. Like most of them.

However, once the trip was done, the light above was gone. The doors opened, and I got out at once. The Cleric got out at the other end, and in a compartment at the back, opened it. Two torches were lit above the compartment, courtesy of two men clad in steel armor (with flame patterns abound) and two others brought out a gagged and chained Blizzard. Clearly, the chains weren't of their own creation-I could see a very modern-looking Anti-Volt lock between the handcuffs of the chains. No Volteerism for clever tricks. The Cleric un-gagged him, probably to do another lengthy sermon on Crimit’s completely inaccurate Arceism. Blizzard probably had a beef with these guys at this point, if being chained and gagged and thrown into the storage compartment of a bumpy carriage wasn’t enough. Considering that the Anti-Volt didn't work on Influency, it should have been good if it was longer.

The Cleric cleared his throat briefly. "Now, before I send you off to see the King, I must teach you-however time-consuming it may be-our Religious affairs, and obvious differences between them and others." He started. Blizzard decided to cut in right there and shave off the majority of the time.

"Ah, then need speak no more. As it happened, the Carriage's bumping and bounding did nothing to stop me from overhearing every word of your lovely, low-toned conversation...Including the fact that you neglected to mention you came to collect us fully armed." Blizzard said. "You're religious nature has been accepted by me, but I must admit, I thought Clerics would be above lying? And if you weren't, please tell me why I didn't have the immediate impression that you were out to kill me by simply looking at the fact you had the weapons drawn?"

The Cleric looked genuinely surprised-he wasn't there himself for the collection of the two of us. "You, over there! I was never with the retrieval party, so is that true?" He said, pointing at me.

"All I saw was two guys lifting metal above me. I Didn't see any weapons drawn, though he must have regained conscious before I did. And he probably was less buried in metal." I said. "In any case, I'd ignore that whole thing-if anything, the only thing I could ever had said against the idea of drawing the weapons against him was not using them on him." I added, making sure the lightly-hinted wording of him being a murderer of the very dangerous kind was understood clearly.

"Ah, if that's the case...Well, I guess it's of no importance, in the end. Our Holy King has personally asked of you in private quarters. Do not think you two will be alone with him, he'll have bodyguards-deaf ones that won't be able to hear, yet still able to stop you. The privacy and safety of our Holy King is assured." The Cleric said, as the two guys with torches pushed us away. The hallway we were shoved into was pitch-black, save for the two guards with torchlight on their hands. I wasn't attempting anything, and Blizzard was removed of any Volteerist Power. Seriously, they knew how to make unremarkable scenery, personally. The Arbiters don't count for that, either, they made their repetitive scenery on purpose.

However, once we reached the end, the two guards quickly opened the doors, gently pushed us in, and closed them behind us, all in a few motions. I blinked-the light level changed.

After my involuntary reflex of eyelids was completed, the whole room was revealed. Of course, the deaf guards in steel were around, as promised, but red and gold banners depicting the great phoenix of rebirth, Ho-oh, were abundant, as was red and gold carpet, and a red and gold throne under the largest banner. Guess who was sitting on the throne? Yep, no prize for guessing, the 'Holy' King Bavaden.

His hair was black, clearly, but he died it red towards the tips, probably to notify others of his status as king. He wore a shining plate of gold, with Ho-oh inscribed upon it, and flames decorated his elaborate robes. His Crown was made to resemble an inferno. The guy wasn't tall, but he was definitely above average in the height category, and was definitely muscular. His skin was akin to an orange color. His clean-shaven face had blue eyes and some chapped lips currently positioned in an angry style. Clearly, our presence offended him.

"You two, you're the ones who've betrayed your leader's law that we of Crimit, and the rest of Hykidas, will not be disturbed by you, right? Provide an explanation for this atrocity at once, before I describe to you your mission-lest I simply execute you." The King said, quite quickly, with authority brimming.

"Sir, with all respects given, I do believe that our crash-landing into your planet, fully unconscious from take-off to landing, would qualify as an accident, would it not?" Blizzard said. "The ships fly fast, and this particular one was made for emergencies-meaning it flew particularly fast, and I'm not thinking of fast in the sense of ships that sail at sea that you may be familiar with, I'm talking of things fast enough to make Ninjask green with envy." Blizzard said. The King rubbed his bare chin for a moment.

"...Fine, it sounds like a good excuse...But you are still under Crimit's banner illegally, meaning at minimum you have a obligation to make it up to Crimit and I before you leave, and that aside, you're clearly...Volteers...Meaning you're probably suited to the task at hand...A task of utmost and absolute importance." The King said.

"You see, I have a daughter-meaning, a Holy Princess. Her full name, with title, is Crimit's Holy Princess Natalie. She wasn't ever...Well, she was easily capable of understanding religion, reading, writing, arithmetic, and a few other, more complex things, very well taught. She was obedient and appropriate, she was well-adored by the country, given appropriate freedoms and allowed to interact with others out of royal lineage. I knew of what made a great ruler, and I knew what made a good father, and I believe I have satisfied both requirements, as far as I can tell...I even gave her the right to choose her husband, that's something almost unheard of in the whole of Hykidas. However, she was unnaturally quiet-she responded vocally when asked, but even when completely healthy, her voice was curiously low. Those let close to her, myself included, noticed subtle mood swings, especially when her mother, the former queen, is brought up...Well, not mood swings in the traditional meaning, but she holds herself differently all of a sudden, and her tone changes slightly. She was interested in religious texts, heavily-natural for a Holy Princess, but unnaturally interested in anything relating to Shaymin and other Grass-Types, even if the scriptures came from other countries, completely different from ours...That she even got those blasphemies is something to be odd in and of itself, but I allowed it once I learned of it, diplomatic reasons...And, recently, she ran away, towards the east. She made an attempt to be hidden, and escaped the castle without being seen, but several villagers within the castle noticed her run off. It's been three weeks since she ran off...And from here, the closest route to the D**med Forest is directly East from here...Then, two days after she ran away, a report came that Natalie, however stealthily she managed to be, was seen by one guard on the outskirts of a village, specifically the closest village we have to the D**med Forest, still heading East, towards it...Then, a week later, other reports came in. Two guards patrolling near the eastern side, impaled by the roots of a tree that only grew in the D**med Forest."

The King took a brief moment of silence before continuing onward-clearly, having his Daughter go right into the lair of what he thought was a demon clearly had an impact on him-especially when the demon seems to have rekindled it's old grudge against the whole Country. "It is my belief that Shaymin might be behind the whole event, but whether that demon's involvement in my daughter's disappearance is an idea and nothing else is utterly irrelevant-you are going to be with a team of highly-trained Knights and myself to hunt down my Daughter. Previous attempts with similarly skilled Knights proved unsuccessful, and fatal for all involved, so that's why I'm asking you: You have the ability, however ungodly wrong it may be to have it, to contort the laws of nature Arceus set down." King Bavaden said. "You will be hunting her down over the course of one month, during which time you are never to use your abilities as Volteers unless commanded by me or another knight, my orders overruling said Knights. The Knights will be aware of your abilities, and appropriately prepared for them. If you survive the month-long period of the search alive, or else find Princess Natalie, I'll let you go and fix your craft. Desertion mid-search, unless the search for whatever unfathomable reasons was cut short, will mean that all the parts of your craft shall be melted, thereby making you unable to escape Crimit until your leaders pick you up. The consequence for betrayal or insubordination is execution on the spot. Oh, and even though I did say that Princess Natalie is capable of choosing her husband, you do not count for that, so don't get ideas of marriage if you rescue her from some danger. I will admit, working with you two is not easy for me...But my daughter, the next holy monarch of Crimit, shall not be lost! My heir shall not perish! Do you understand?!" The King yelled.

"Perfectly, Sir." I said, curtly.

"We understand perfectly." Blizzard added.

"Good. You'll retire for now-proportionate food will await you in the morning. We'll set out for the D**med Forest once all the final preparations are made. I will be watching you, as will be my men. Don't even think of betrayal." Bavaden said. He made some quick hand gestures to two of the Guards, and they nodded, taking torches, and escorting us. In the torchlight, we looked at each other-me and Blizzard.

No betrayal? Really? With Blizzard around? I'd have a knife sticking out of my back before this was over.
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