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Default Re: Replication;. {RP//open.}

Riika Amano and Seth Micheals (Entei)
Entei-Human Form
Jubilife City
ARPers: Prysa Pyris (Velocity)

Seth gave a jerk when Prysa said "beautiful", but otherwise, he didn't seem to pay too much attention to what she said, not really. He was still too busy mentally berating himself. At this, Riika placed a hand on his shoulder. "You alright, D-Seth?" She shook her head at the almost slip-up, noting how the entire time, Prysa (or Ho-oh, if his joke had been seriously alluding to the legends she was pretty sure were correct) seemed to be acting nervous. Finally, Seth looked over at her and nodded.

"I'm fine," he assured her, and then Prysa had to ask if she would leave them alone for a moment. Bad idea. Really bad idea, considering Riika seemed to consider it her job to be his bodyguard. Beside him, the girl straightened up, glaring fiercely at the woman before them and brushed a few strands of red out of her face. This would be headed for disaster if he didn't intervene.

"Excuse me, but--"

"Riika," Seth cut in gently "weren't we going to get lunch? Why don't you go on ahead and get something for us, please? I'll wait here with Prysa. If something happens, I'll call for you, I promise," he said, sounding almost tired. Riika gave him a look that seemed torn, but with another gentle, assuring "I'll be fine," and a roll of his eyes, she began walking away, glancing backward at them at regular intervals. He saw her do it once before he turned his attention back to Prysa. "You didn't have to do that, she's known me for three years, Prysa, and she's a bit touchy. Especially about me since I told her everything that's going on." He couldn't help but smile mentally at the memory of figuring out how to go about getting her phone number and calling it. Ericka, her twin, had nearly flipped her lid when he told her it was him calling, wanting to ask too many questions he didn't know the answers to. It had taken him forever for him to get her to calm down long enough to explain that he couldn't tell the breeder too much, but he needed to see Riika--and Riika had come, ready to help again. He wasn't sure if he was more happy or bothered by that fact.

Sakasa Yochi (Giratina) and Sophia Triste
Giratina-Human Form
Eterna City
ARPers: Trinity Hart and Jake Wood (Elecii)

While the pair had not been talking much, they didn't seem too wrapped up in what the two next to them were saying, made more apparent as Sophia looked up from the sandwich she had been eating and asked "What about you, Sakasa?"

The Giratina in human form looked up curiously, finished chewing a bit of his own sandwich and swallowed. "What about what?"

"You asked me if I had ever seen a legendary pokemon--what about you?" The question caught him off guard, and he honestly had no idea what prompted him to spin the tale that flew from his mouth then.

"Oh, have I? Yeah. Dialga and Palkia." He said simply, Sophia's mouth fell open.

"How can you downplay something like that?!" The little girl demanded to know. Beside, her, Musei seemed to be looking at the girl in curiosity.

"Because it wasn't very special. They were fighting." Sophia blinked, tilting her head at him.

"Really?" Yeah, helping toss me into the distortion world where I could rot away-- Sakasa bit back the truth sharply.

"Yeah. but I don't really like talking about it," he murmured, glancing away to look at the pair beside them on the bench.

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