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Default Re: 5TailedDemonLizard vs. Latio-Reol


[Nacht] Honchkrow (M)
Ability: Super Luck
Health: 43%
Energy: 28%
Status: Still got some fight left in him. [-2 ATK, -2 DEF]
Air Cutter ~ Air Cutter


[Scyez] Riolu (M)
Ability: Steadfast
Health: 55%
Energy: 54%
Condition: A little unsteady.
Ice Punch ~ Ice Punch

Round Seven

Nacht was running almost on empty and he knew he had to take out Scyez quickly, before he got too tired. He leaped into the air, flapping his wide black wings, looking both magnificent and ominous against the starry sky. Wasting no time, he tucked his wings in, nose-diving straight toward the ground and his target: Scyez. The little Riolu was frozen in terror as he watched the huge black shadow swoop toward him, opening his wings and raking his talons across Scyez's body. Scyez let out a scream of pain - that attack was not supposed to hurt that much! Nacht landed smoothly, a little smirk on his yellow beak.
[Air Slash: Nacht, -4% Energy; Scyez, -30% HP]

Scyez glared at the smug bird before him. He could still win the day - he just needed to hit this fat crow in a way that counted. He lifted his little cerulean fist into the air, summoning up thoughts of frigid cold. A corona of ice formed around his paw, and without hesitation he lunged, frosty spikes still growing out from his paw. He slammed his fist right underneath Nacht's beak, hitting him as hard as a Riolu possibly could. Nacht let out a shocked caw at the little Riolu's power.
[Ice Punch: Nacht, -15% HP; Scyez, -23% Energy]

But Nacht would not be beaten easily, and he could sense his opponent growing ever-more tired. He wasted no time in attacking again; he jumped away from Scyez and flapped up into the air, rising on the winds until he was high enough to launch his attack. He swooped down again, fast as the wind, leaving Scyez no time to run. The little Riolu let out a yelp, feeling ready to drop, but at least he wasn't ripped open nearly to the bone like last time.
[Air Slash: Nacht, -4% Energy; Scyez, -15% HP]

Since Nacht hadn't changed his attack, Scyez saw no real reason to change his. He lifted his fist again, feeling the spikes of ice changing his paw into a wicked mace of frostbite. Nacht had no time to dodge, like Scyez had had no time to dodge; he only had time to brace himself against the stinging ice fist before it hit. The attack seemed too powerful to be coming from such a small Pokemon - and Scyez felt he was too small to be using it. He dropped to his knees, panting, almost completely out of steam. Nacht let smugness color his countenance yet again. The Riolu would be down in minutes.
[Ice Punch: Nacht, -15% HP; Scyez, -23% Energy]


[Nacht] Honchkrow (M)
Ability: Super Luck
Health: 13%
Energy: 20%
Status: Ready to end this. [-2 ATK, -2 DEF]


[Scyez] Riolu (M)
Ability: Steadfast
Health: 10%
Energy: 8%
Condition: Just about gone.

Ref Notes
Arena Rolls were 79 and 49; 1-5 for Ruins Boost.
Air Cutter's Accuracy Rolls were 48 and 36; 1-95 for hit.
Air Cutter's Crit Rolls were 17 and 29; 1-25 for Crit.
Ice Punch's Crit Rolls were 27 and 84; 1-6.25 for Crit.
Ice Punch's Effect Rolls were 83 and 61; 1-10 for FRZ.

Latio, your moves plz.
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