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Default Re: Foxamivalth vs Eishiba


[-] Larvesta (M)
Ability: Flame Body
HP: 75%
Energy: 63%
Status: That’s how we do it!; 1 Clone; Airborne for 2 rounds


[Berenstien] Ursaring (M)
Ability: Quick Feet
Health: 84%
Energy: 71%
Status: That could have been worse. PSN. +1 SPD, +2 ATK; Sub @ 1%

Round 6

Berenstien growled, stepping past his substitute as he looked at the two Larvesta floating in front of him. An orange aura glowed around him as the growl in his throat grew louder. The poison coursing through his veins fueled his anger and he ran at the larva Pokémon. Berenstien slammed his fists into the larva full force, smirking as his attack hit home. The other Larvesta disappeared in a cloud of smoke, the real one wailing in pain.
[Berenstien: -6 Energy| Larvesta: -40 HP, No clones]

(Critical hit rolled a 9863, where rolling 625 or less resulted in a critical hit. Clone rolled from 1-2. Result was 1. Larvesta was hit. Clones Disappear)

Larvesta growled, angered at losing his clones. Now he didn’t have any defense against the bear’s onslaught. Looking down at the ground, he began to dig into it with his little feet. He formed the dirt he dug up into a doll much like Berenstien had done earlier. When he finished, a life sized doll stood in front of him. Using the power bestowed on him by the gods of fire, he used that energy and put it into the doll. The substitute came to live and put itself in front of the real Larvesta.
[Larvesta: -1 HP, -1 Energy, Substitute @ 1%]

Berenstien growled and ran at Larvesta again, his fists clenched as the orange aura appeared again. Larvesta closed his eyes, preparing himself for another blow. It would be the death of him. The substitute jumped in front of the blow, disintegrating into dust as the Ursaring’s fists hit it. Larvesta let out a sigh of relief, looking up at the bear.
[Ursaring: -6 Energy| Larvesta: -Substitute]

Larvesta looked at the substitute in front of Berenstien. Since his was gone, he might as well get rid of the bear’s defense too. Heat built up in Larvesta’s chest before he ran at Berenstien. The Ursaring’s substitute jumped in front of its maker, growling. Larvesta threw his head forward, burning embers flying from white fur around where its mouth should have been. The substitute burned and fell to its knees, crumbling to dust.
[Larvesta: -4 Energy| Berenstien: -Substitute]

Berenstien growled and winced as poison coursed through his veins. This battle was reaching its peak…
[Berenstien: - 3 HP]

Round 6 End


[-] Larvesta (M)
Ability: Flame Body
HP: 34%
Energy: 58%
Status: Ow…


[Berenstien] Ursaring (M)
Ability: Quick Feet
Health: 81%
Energy: 59%
Status: That could have been MUCH worse; PSN. +1 SPD, +2 ATK;

Ref Notes:
- Larvesta is still affected by Magnet Rise. He will be effected next round as well.

Foxamivalth, your moves please

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