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Default Re: robert&POETRY [97] [UPDATED: May 4th: 7 New Poems!]

Do you realise how suggestive and inappropriate that was? It surprises me that somebody like you, who has been here for a long time, does not understand that there are members of all ages on this forum and that this kind of material is not appropriate.

The fact is that we saw it and deleted it. Realise that it wasn't appropriate and therefore it was removed. Do not tell the mods how to do their jobs. This thread has been revived after months; we saw the post because the thread has become active again.

And yes, I'm sure nobody on a pokemon forum would want to hear the details of a horrific event that is forced upon somebody who has no choice in the matter. Unless the poem is not literal in its title, but we are not to know. It's a precautionary measure.

Please do not tell the mods how to do their job. And one's join date hardly makes a difference when it comes to mods; the people who are dedicated and active are the ones who get chosen. You are not the mod, and therefore you are not in charge of decisions such as these, and in this case, that is all that matters.

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