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Default Catching a Pokemon! (Non creative title is non creative)

Side note (Thanks to American Tree Frog for advising a side note):
  • The girl that's the narrarator looks exactly like Kris, the female protagonist from Pokemon Crystal (But she's called Crystal)
  • The Pokemon I'm trying to get is a shiny Ditto.
  • The Oshawott named Apollo is my starter.
  • The setting is a forest in which Crystal and Apollo are lost in.


I scurried backwards to the nearest tree of the murky forest my Oshawott and I were lost in. The Beedrill, who had just flown right in front of me, had frightened me half to death. My blue, v-shaped hair poofed up in fear, then fell straight down, still somewhat poofy. Apollo, my Oshawott and also my starter, stared at me with a puzzled expression. He then burst out laughing, probably thinking that the Beedrill was nothing to be afraid of. Or he could have been laughing about my hair. Either way, I didn't like his laughing. Who was he to think? I have a huge phobia of bugs, so what seems harmless to my Oshawott would scare me to the devil and back.

The Beedrill glared at me defiantly, as if it wanted a fight. With it's stingers prepped, it began to charge at me. My body was paralyzed with fear, and I could only stare as I knew the sharp stingers would impale me. I winced and shut my eyes tight. I heard a din thud, though not from the Beedrill attacking me. When I opened my eyes, I saw that Apollo's shell cut right through the Beedrill's body, leaving the shell in a nearby tree bark and the corpse of the Beedrill laying motionless on the ground.

I shivered as I struggled to get up. Still somewhat paralyzed in fear, I staggered towards Apollo and hugged him. I squeezed him as tight and as firm as I could. Apollo, who seemed to be surprised by the sudden act, stood still, only staring at the Beedrill. If I hadn't been holding him, I'm sure he'd jump sky high.

I turned and looked to where he was staring, and I saw that the Beedrill corpse began to move. The two parts of the cut up body started to form back together, repairing the skin on contact. When the Beedrill was fully repaired, I saw that it was becoming a shade of blue. Almost instantaneously, it dissolved into a pile of bright blue goo. Apollo cautiously walked towards it. I followed suit.

The blue goo started moving. Two black dots and a smile appeared on it. I smiled in relief and bliss as I realized it was a shiny Ditto! I loved Ditto, especially shiny ones! I wanted to catch it, and I would!

The Ditto transformed into a Pikachu in the blink of an eye. From the clipped tail, I could tell it transformed into a female Pikachu. Its beady little eyes glared at me.

"Apollo, let's go!" I whooped as Apollo scurried up to the battlefield. Well, it wasn't really a battlefield; The circle of forest trees created a small, circular clearing, with puddles of water hear and there. I looked at the tree with Apollo's shell burrowed into it. I was pretty sure that it would stay stuck, so Apollo's shell couldn't be of use.

The Ditto used Double Team, creating clones of itself and surrounding Apollo with said clones.

"Apollo, use Scald on them all!" I yelled. Surely one of them would be the real Ditto.

Apollo spun around, spraying boiling water out of his mouth. After three clones evaporated upon contact, the fourth clone was blown back, indicating that that was the real Ditto. The other clones disappeared after that.

The Ditto tried to stand up, but it winced in pain. I saw red patches on its yellow fur. This told me it was burned. The Ditto wouldn't give up that easy. It backed up a bit, then charged at Apollo. Electric bolts formed around its body. Apollo then backed up to the tree with his shell and waited for the Volt Tackle to hit him. When it did, Apollo was hit in the stomach, which also hit the tree. The tree shook violently as Apollo's shell fell right out. He picked it up and used Razor Shell without me commanding it. With the Ditto right in front of Apollo, it was impossible for the Ditto to dodge.

After being blown back by the Razor Shell, the Ditto transformed again. It turned into a female Venusaur, and I gulped as the intimidating beast stomped over. I reminded myself that it was just a small blue blob, but I was still deathly afraid.

Apollo, noticing my fear, decided to fight the rest of the battle without my commands. He planted his feet firmly in the ground and let loose with an Ice Beam. The Ditto roared as it became frozen. Apollo stared at me and silently pleaded for my guidance. I couldn't respond. I just couldn't! I was too scared of the Venusaur morph, even if it was frozen. Apollo looked down in disappointment and turned his attention back on the battle.

The Ditto had easily overcome its frozen state and used Razor Leaf, harming Apollo dearly. Having just enough courage, I yelled, "APOLLO!" and scrambled towards him. His breathing became slow and hard. He stood up and walked towards the Ditto, wincing with every step. Planting his feet in the ground again, he had just enough energy to use Blizzard. The shards of the Blizzard attack were too much for the Ditto to handle, and it fell down with a mighty thud. As Apollo was about to fall from sheer exhaustion, I scooped him up, reassuring him that everything would be OK.

As it transformed back to its normal shiny Ditto form, I walked towards it, shivering and with Apollo in my arms. I had finally beat it. No, that'd be wrong. I did nothing. All I did was just stand there like a scaredy cat. Even when Apollo was begging for help, I just stood there like the chicken I was. But that wasn't important at the moment. All that was important was that Apollo had won, and he had gotten me a shiny Ditto. I hugged him tight, assuring him that I'd bring him to a Pokemon Center as fast as possible.

As the Ditto began to move, it glared at me. It was determined to complete the battle. With a burst of energy, the Ditto rose up. I knew it wasn't playing anymore (Although I wasn't sure it was to begin with). It transformed into a Salamence and flew at me with great momentum. With my eyes wide, I ran as fast as I could, but the Ditto was picking up speed. When it was right next to me, it prepared an orange beam in its mouth. Realizing it was going to use Hyper Beam, I stopped abruptly, which surprised even the Ditto as it smacked into a large tree, toppling it to the ground. The Ditto stepped of the broken tree and coughed. It seemed to have swallowed its Hyper Beam it was preparing.

I took this moment as an opportunity to run away. As I headed towards a gap through two trees that had a slightly brighter light, the Ditto snarled and ran after me. I ran and ran through the spiky twigs and over the rotten tree stumps. I kept on looking behind me and saw that the Ditto was running at the same pace I was. The failed Hyper Beam must have taken some of its energy away. I kept looking down at Apollo and kept reassuring him that everything would be OK. In truth, I felt like it'd be the end. That Ditto would not stop until it killed me. But I didn't want Apollo to know we were going to be dead.

I ran left and right, dodging every tree, stump, bush, and branch there were. The Ditto just burst right through the trees as if they were bendy straws. My eyes widened as I got a sudden burst of energy to sprint even faster.

The light I saw grew larger and larger as I ran until--! Sweet freedom! I was out of the forest, but the Ditto was still on my trail.

I kept running forwards. Over on the horizon, I could see a town, along with a Pokemon Center just in the center of the town. To my left and right were open plains as far as the eye could see. The Ditto had then caught up to me and jumped up in the air. I scrambled away just in time before the Ditto fell with a loud THUMP!

I looked down at Apollo, then at the Ditto trying to get up, then back at Apollo. The Ditto wanted me. Not Apollo. Maybe I could save Apollo...

I set my little Oshawott on the ground. His eyes flickered open. I whispered to him, "Go on Apollo. You'll be safe if you leave. Go to the town until I come back." A lump grew in my throat. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I'd die. With hesitance, Apollo limped over towards the path to the town, giving one last, sorrow-filled look before he kept going.

I gulped at the Ditto as it was ready to charge at me. I felt ready to accept my fate. I then noticed something; Usually, I'd be scared stiff against scary Pokemon. But here was the Ditto in the ferocious Salamence morph, and I wasn't paralyzed with fear at all. Why? I'd been scared of it all this time, and now I'm not? This confused me, but I gained enough courage to walk in front of it.

Drizzling rain started falling as I spoke. "I'm not scared of you anymore!"

The Ditto, mildly confused, cocked its head. It then snorted and prepared a Hyper Beam.

I winced as I awaited the Hyper Beam. A coughing sound rung through the air. Opening my eyes, I saw that the Ditto choked on the Hyper Beam, and that rain was falling down hard. I tried to scurry away, but the Ditto was smarter than that. It raised its claw and smacked me across the face. Both of my eyes were black. My left cheek felt like it was set on fire then put in liquid nitrogen. Blood seeped out all over my face. Even with my eyesight damaged, I could see a shadow appear before me. Sure enough, it was Apollo. Even in his damaged state, he stood up in front of me, determined to protect me.

The Ditto had to stifle a laugh. It rose it's claw and swiped at Apollo, only this time, a body wasn't blown back. Apollo has gotten his shell and blocked the attack. With the claw on the shell, Apollo turned the shell sideways, making the sharp edge cut clean through the Ditto's Salamence claw. the Ditto bellowed with fury and pain.

"Apollo," I croaked. I was about to tell him to leave, since I didn't want to risk him getting hurt, but I thought better of myself. "P-Please... U-Unless you're ABSOLUTELY sure you want to fight... leave. Unless you're sure."

Apollo, with a pained look in his eyes, looked at me, and we had come to a silent agreement; Apollo will fight till the bitter end.

(Empty space so I'll edit it in later.)

squirmed towards me and hugged my leg... I think. It's hard to tell when a blob's hugging you or not. I could tell that the Ditto wanted to be my Pokemon. I smiled and picked it up, it in one hand, Apollo in the other. After all the fear and dread it had caused Apollo and I, I didn't feel that afraid of it anymore. Maybe it was because it become more friendly with me. Maybe it was because it wasn't in a huge and scary morph. Either way, I was glad to have a new member on my team. I knew exactly what to name it.

"Welcome to the team, Duplica..."

Am I allowed to have a shiny? It said I could have any Pokemon except legendaries. If I can't have a shiny Ditto, I'll change it. :)

Oh, and I'll make this much longer to the 30k characters, so could a grader please not grade this until it's done?

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