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Default Re: Velocity vs narphoenix


[Chomp] Totodile (M)
HP: 61%
Energy: 67%
Condition: +2 Attack, -6 SPD; Toxic, PRZ; 2 Clones; Sub @ 1%;
Rested and sad.
Dig ~ Rest


Staryu (X)
HP: 91%
Energy: 55%
Rested and feels loved.
Rapid Spin ~ Surf

Round 6

Chomp sighed in relief as his muscles slowly regained feeling, the paralysis no longer affecting his body. Staryu growled slightly as he looked at the three Totodile in front of him, as well as the crudely made substitute. The starfish began to spin wildly, a whirlwind of air rising from its glowing center. The wind rushed towards Chomp, who growled. The attack struck home, but the Totodile that was targeted disappeared in a puff of smoke! Staryu growled darkly. Damn…
[Staryu: -2 Energy| Chomp: - 1 Clone, No longer PRZ]

(Clone roll was 2, when rolling 2 or 3 resulted in hitting a clone, and 1 resulted in hitting chomp/substitute)

Chomp looked at the ground below him. He needed to get away if his opponent decided to attack. Using his little calws, he dug furiously. Once he was quite a ways underground, he looked up at the hole he left. He was safe, for now.
[Chomp: -22 Energy]

Staryu watched as Chomp disappeared underground, and prepared his next attack. Water rose from the ground around the starfish and rushed at where Chomp had been. However, most of the water simply rushed over the top of the hole, leaving the little croc unharmed.
[Staryu: -13 Energy, MISS (Chomp is underground)]

Chomp sighed in relief, curling up into a tight ball as he closed his eyes. His body relaxed and he smiled contently, drifting to sleep so his wounds could recover.
[Chomp: -8 Energy, SLP for 2 more rounds]

Chomp shifted in his sleep as he smiled, feeling his body regain energy. However, he winced as the toxic coursed through his veins.
[Chomp: +12HP]

Round 6 End


[Chomp] Totodile (M)
HP: 73%
Energy: 37%
Condition: +2 Attack, -6 SPD; Toxic; Rest in Affect (1 more rounds); 1 Clone, Sub @ 1%


Staryu (X)
HP: 91%
Energy: 40%
Condition: Quite annoyed

Ref Notes
- I didn't think a substitute would jump in front of a clone, so it didn't.

narphoenix, your moves please.

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