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Default Re: [Comic] PKMN: The Guardians [G] (NEW! Page up!)

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
I like your comic so far! The effects you used on page 3 are awesome. It kinda looks like the whole thing may have been resized a bit by photobucket or something though, since the text is pretty small.

Page 2 looks nice and crisp except for the font, which should maybe be one size smaller?

But other than that, your story is interesting so far and your comics are definitely improving. Hope you continue! =)
noticed that with photobucket on page3, is this better?

sorry, should have next page up relatively soon...

and thanks. - sometimes paint only has one size for certain custom fonts, even if I type in other number so... yep, I just use simple paint for the normal font/dialog, for glitchy font had to paste it using GIMP.

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