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Default Re: Registration Headquarters

Originally Posted by Shiny Ditto View Post
Oh, this seems really fun!

Nickname of Pokémon: Duplica
Pokémon Species: Ditto
Gender: Unknown (But is referred to as Female)
Ability: Limber

Nickname of Pokémon: Sparks
Pokémon Species: Tynamo
Gender: Male
Ability: Levitate

Nickname of Pokémon: Scarlet
Pokémon Species: Charmander
Gender: Female
Ability: Blaze
Signature Move:

EDIT: Oh... Do I have to meet some requirement before putting a signature move?
You have to register a sig move in the Signature Move HQ before using it. However, everything else checks out so you're approv'd! Have fun, and don't forget to register your account in the bank.
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