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Default Re: Trivia/Games Discussion

Originally Posted by Shiny Jolteon View Post
Yeah. XD

We're stepping up because us as mods must win!
Is this something like abusing Mod power? xD

This counting game has fun for both members (keep raising before a Mod post which is challenging) and Mods (ruining counts is fun). If you keep raising and changing the number, members may think this is no fun anymore, as this is one-sided.

Well, there is count to 200 before a Mod posts in another forum, but there is only 1 Mod who keeps track on the game. Last year, this thread is popular and counting to 200 is fun (because TUST is the only bad guy, with GS and Trainer17 as his companions). Now in PE2k, there are a lot of horrible green and blue (and now since the rule changes, orange & brown name includes, too) members who love to say ZERO.

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