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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

Ability: Poison Point
Signature Move: RampRage
Description: Nitro is quick to anger in battle and slow to cool off. It takes very little to make him snap and when he does, it is not a good idea to stay in his way. When this happens he becomes more powerful and acquires a glowing red aura. He attacks his opponent, focusing only on doing as much damage as he can. He uses any means available; fist, tail, horn, ect. Unfortunately, such recklessness lowers his defenses, and causes recoil damage.
| 140 BP | 80% ACC | | Impact: Singular Target | Priority: 0 | 15% NRG
Effects: Nitro receives 1/4 recoil damage
Nitro receives +3 ATK, -3 DEF effective before damage is calculated. At the end of the first round this is used it is reduced to +2, -2. At then end of the next round; +1, -1; then the last round +0, -0.
25% chance to poison
Usage Gap: 6 Rounds


Ability: Rock Head
Signature Move: Bǎoh y
Description: Jade, so name because of her rare green eyes, has made a point of living up to her name. In Chinese mythology jade is said to have the ability to purify and grant immortality. With that in mind, Jade focuses her energy to create a shield. She is enveloped in a faintly glowing green light. This shield temporarily protects her from status effects and being knocked out.
| - BP | 100% ACC | | Impact: User | Priority: 0 | 13% NRG
Effects: This effect will end after two rounds.
Jade is shielded from all major status effects and confusion, and previously inflicted conditions are cured. She will not be KO'd if her HP reaches 0 while the shield is up. She will continue to fight. In this state, all NRG used is doubled. If her NRG reaches 0 as well she will be KO'd regardless of the shield. After the shield wears off, if her HP had previously reached 0, she will be KO'd. While the shield is up she is unable to heal herself using any method, though chills are allowed.
Usage Gap: Once Per Battle


Its the full NRG cost. :)

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