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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"Me too..." Caroline responded to the dark haired teen softly, and his grip around her tightened slightly as he remembered everything that had happened nineteen years ago. They had struggled so hard and for so long with Katherine and Klaus, and now both of them were gone, along with the rest of the threats to Fells Church and themselves. But if that was true, then what was this unsettling feeling that they all had about Klaus? It wasn’t like he could be revived or anything, right? Why were they all so nervous when everything was so peaceful?

"Kiseki..." The dark haired teen snapped out of his thoughts when Caroline spoke again, loosening his grip on her as she turned around to look at him with a troubled expression. “I know that I shouldn't worry, but... I have a strong feeling something bad is going to happen soon. I don't want to feel like this because I want us to live worry-free lives, but I can't help to think... what if Klaus somehow comes back? What if this time we aren't so lucky of survival...?" The blonde looked at the floor then, and Kiseki started to say something, but stopped when Caroline suddenly screamed in agony, dropping to her knees as she gripped her head. Kiseki looked at her in alarm, starting to kneel down to see if she was okay when a sharp pain suddenly pierced his head. He did well to suppress the scream of agony that tried to fight its way out in response, but couldn’t keep from crying out in pain as he dropped to his knees beside Caroline and gripped his head exactly as she was doing.

Downstairs, Ichiru was helping Ashley prepare breakfast for Abigail and Scarlet in the kitchen when Caroline’s scream pierced the air. He quickly looked to Ashley in alarm as a cry of pain from Kiseki came right after, starting toward the stairs only to stop when Ashley suddenly collapsed to the ground, letting out a horrible scream as well.

“Ashley?” The Vampire looked at the brunette in alarm as Abigail and Scarlet yelled for their mother in fear, but before he could do anything, the same pain struck him as well, and he gripped the counter nearby with one hand to keep himself on his feet while the other went to his head.

However, the pain disappeared as quickly as it had come, and Ichiru’s other hand dropped to the counter to support himself as he recovered for a few moments.

Back upstairs, Kiseki felt the pain stop as well, quickly looking over to Caroline as the two of them stood up. He could clearly see the fear in her eyes as tears streamed down her face, her expression nearly mirroring his own.

"W-what just happened?" Caroline sobbed as her body trembled, and Kiseki wrapped his arms around her for comfort, not quite sure how to answer.

"Did you guys feel that?" Stefan’s voice came from the hallway, bringing the dark haired teen to look up, releasing the blonde as she took his hand and quickly guided him downstairs to the kitchen where everyone else was.

"That felt like a Witch's magic." Ashley said as she stood up from the ground, looking down at the two frightened children. "Everything is going to be okay."

Kiseki looked to Ichiru while Kotomi picked up Scarlet, the older twin picking up Abigail to comfort her while Ashley scanned the group. It was clear that Ichiru had no idea what had just happened, either; none of them did.

"Where's Damon?" Isobel asked, bringing the twins to quickly scan the group as well, not seeing the older Vampire anywhere.

"I have a bad feeling..." Lexi said as Ashley cursed under her breath.

"I think he pissed off Diana..." She said, then looking over to Stefan.

"I'll go find him." Stefan said, using his Vampire speed to leave the house. Lexi followed him, and Ashley to sighed as she rubbed her head.

“She must have lifted whatever spell she had on us if it’s stopped.” Ichiru finally spoke, bringing Kiseki to look back over to him. Isobel gave a soft sigh from beside Kotomi.

“This could turn out badly if we don’t find some way to change her opinion of us…”
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