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Default Hoenn Pokemon compared to previous generations

What did you guys think about the Hoenn Pokemon compared to the Kanto and Johto Pokemon? Did you like them more or less?

I personally liked them less. Beginning with the starters, I just never liked them as much as the previous generations. I always pick the Grass starter so the choice was easy for me, but even in Johto and Kanto I always loved the other starters as well and looked forward to replaying through the game with them. In Hoenn, however, I picked Treecko both times. The other two did not appeal to me at all.

Secondly, legendaries. This is where the games started getting legend-heavy to me. Kanto had 5 legends and Johto had 6. Hoenn had 11. That's as much as Kanto and Johto combined! For me, this is where legends lost their charm and I stopped getting excited about capturing them and using them on my team.

Finally, Pokemon designs. Apart from Sinnoh, I probably dislike Hoenn Pokemon as a whole the most. There weren't really any Pokemon that really stood out to me and that I loved from this region. Before the games were released, I really liked Jirachi. However, because it was actually impossible to get Jirachi in the games without events, that wasn't much use to me. xD I know lots of people really love Hoenn Pokemon, but for me, they never seemed as interesting as the Kanto and Johto Pokemon. I think the fact that we started getting Pokemon which were very similar to earlier Pokemon (eg. based on the same animal, close resemblences and/or same typing) also put me off a bit and made the whole thing feel less original. Linoone (Furret), Beautifly (Butterfree), Slaking (Snorlax), Sealeo (Seel/Dewgong), Feebas (Magikarp), Seviper (Arbok), Clamperl (Shellder), Gulpin/Swalot (Grimer/Muk) are some examples of what I mean!

I never really fell in love with Hoenn as I did the earlier regions and now Unova. Am I the only one?
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