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Default Kawaii~Desu Art Shop ^o^

[Approved by HKim! ~ ]



I have sprited in a very, very long time. So I suppose I figured I should get on the ball and well...


For now, I would prefer to do recolors. Like, really prefer to do them. But if you want to request something else then do it at your own discretion. Like seriously. I might just not do it.

Here are some of my palettes at a glance;

And if you really can request a fusion. But I probably will never get around to you might be better off sticking to requesting recolors. ;__;


*Please don't spam me with requests. If I seemed backed up, I probably am.
*If you're rude then I will probably attempt to rip your face off. I'm not going to tolerate disrespect.
*Credit isn't needed but appreciated. Just do not say that my sprites were created by you. Obviously.
*Please don't be rude to other posters. Be subtle.

Pokemon/Sprite to Recolor :
Palette to be used :
White or Black background:

FUSIONS (pleasedon'trequestthese...)
Pokemon to be used as base:
Pokemon to be mixed (up to 2) :
Pokemon's colors to be used :
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