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Default Re: Hoenn Pokemon compared to previous generations

Originally Posted by grassy_aggron View Post
i would have to say hoenn is probably my favorite region.

Arguably, i loved all the starters and a vast majority, aggron climbing the ranks to be my favorite. Yes, i agree it did get too legendary happy, but at the same time we did get some neat pokemon. Deoxys, a mutated space virus? A green dragon that controls weather? A wishing pokemon that sleeps for one thousand years? The lati twins...they were pretty neat.

There were some i didn't like, of course. The regi trio being the most notable, although honestly i don't care as much about that anymore. Mawile is not a big favorite either.

It's difficult to say, exactly...i think hoenn was really ground breaking, introducing a whole new berry system (greatly expanding on johto's concept), double battles, abilities, natures, secret bases (bring them back!) and just lovely designs and areas along with music.

It also brought in two teams, and was the first generation to have an expanded plot in the third title (emerald) :3

i am well aware people will disagree with me, however, please remember that this is my opinion. I'm not forcing it on you, i'm just sharing it <3
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