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Default Re: Hoenn Pokemon compared to previous generations

The designs of the pokemon from RSE were very much different from those in GSC and RBY. I think that in RSE the designers tried to make pokemon, as a whole, what they perceived to be a "cooler" bunch to their younger boys demographic. It's really blatant that many of the designs were based on previoius designs, but with an overall change in the way they were built; almost as if they were making an attempt to reboot the first gen with a new game, and that might be the reason why I've not really gotten into fifth gen, which is trying to do the same thing with a different demographic.

During third gen, I really only wanted to play with Treecko as a starter, because, unlike in second and first gen (where I had to really think over which one I wanted the most), it was the only one I really enjoyed in the group. Other than that, there was an okay amount of pokemon that I really liked in the game, like Shedninja, Flygon, Absol (which, in retrospect, wasn't all that special), Crawdaunt, and Aggron. Of course, Sceptile was my favorite.

To be honest, I think that my fonder memories of third gen arise from my belonging to the demographic they targeted (almost teen boys) and my learning of the game's programming and hidden values (plus the metagame).

-- Ali Al-Karam
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