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Default Re: Nexen [RP]

Allen Whiteflower, Shiba Set, and Argeno Balk
Deviant Tungz, Tattu, and Graphix
I-80, California(USA)
ARPers: Velocity(Daniel)

Shiba looked to Daniel and nodded. "Yes, an escapee. One who broke WAE control after falling to it. The Sona and the Deviant both... This could change our whole--"

"We could bring everyone back, wake them all up," Al said suddenly, cutting Shiba off.

"Thought you were asleep, hon?" Shiba murmured, Al glanced back at the woman slightly.

"Shiri's too excited. Can't do it," she said matter-of-factly. Then the girl's eyes seemed to fall on Daniel's drawing and she smiled. "You draw dragons, too? Argeno likes drawing dragons...or liked to. He draws everything now, but he used to draw dragons all the time. Copy paper ream after copy paper ream of all kinds of dragons. They were pretty when he got ahold of colored pencils." Shiba looked in surprise at the girl on her lap. Al had said quite a bit about something other than her family for once, which she found fairly surprising, and it seemed Argeno did as well, as he glanced over at her.

"Dragons, huh? I wouldn't mind having a look when you're done, then," Argeno said, eyes still on the road. "Dang, what I would give for a car with GPS..."

"Car-jacking time?" Both girls asked, sounding almost excited. Argeno almost snorted, shaking his head.

"Why is it that my girlfriend and my friend's little sister are so eager to steal a car?" he groaned to the air.

"It's too small in here and I want to do something, anything other than just sitting here," Al replied simply, leaving Shiba to nod in agreement.

Shiri Namida, Kari Penn, and Silverstreak Watermark
Umecit, Nexen
ARPers: Anyone involved with the fight against the Antitivity

They were not alone, it appeared, as the other Sonas offered help the Veza as well. The escapee Sona then continued to go on explain what very little of a plan she had and discussed a few matters with Gesser before moving to the door. It seemed like they were going to be heading out of Umecit. Shiri had spent most of her time there, really, and she could feel the adventure ahead of them. I'll make sure to tell Al all about it, maybe it will lift her spirits some, the Sona thought, while Kari and Silverstreak were considering letting their own Deviants in on the plan, Silverstreak wondering vaguely if Argeno felt left out for not having been spoken to. When Veza asked if they could depart, Kari stretched before walking up to her, Shiri in tow. " Beats staying around here, let's go."

/Hmm, maybe there will be other Sonas like me as well?/ Silverstreak asked, Kari shrugged.

"No idea, Silverstreak," she commented, Shiri shrugged as well.

"Maybe, it would be cool."

Ryza Hale and Nova Bard
WAE Graphix and Enginez
ARPers: N/A

When her awe seemed to finally give way to realization, Ryza finally stopped standing in the middle of the room in favor of taking a seat on the bed. When she sat down and bounced, the girl looked startled as could be, so surprised that Nova couldn't hold back a laugh. He could feel her glare at him through the sunglasses blocking her eyes from view and protecting him from the nightmarish images the young woman could conjure from her head. "I have a real bedroom," she said slowly, as though trying to taste the words. Nova smiled at her--it was nice to see her almost happy for a change, and it had taken far too long to see it happen. People shouldn't have to be this unhappy, he thought, watching as Ryza pushed her luck and gave the bed an experimental bounce, squeaking when it sprang back up under her. He couldn't help it--he laughed again. When Ryza's head snapped to glare at him, he held his hands up in defense.

"Hey now, stop glaring at me like that. I've watched over you for how long now? I can laugh at you for finding amusement in bouncing on the bed--I have a right to considering how many times you've anger-blasted me for doing nothing wrong."

"You were annoying me," Ryza pouted, falling back on the bed, hair splaying everywhere.

"Hey, it's not like I was trying to jab you with a needle or drag you out!" he countered, Ryza's face fell a moment before she noticed the smile on his face; he obviously wasn't trying to be mean about it.

"So, Nova...why does that guy want us to go to Japan?"

"Adrian? Probably because he believes that you can help with the situation there. Japan is one of those places that held rather creative people. Ones that aren't falling to WAE influence easily--there is a good deal of resistance activity there, and it seems that he thinks you can stop it." Ryza let out a mocking laugh.

"With what? A group of people who think I'm devilspawn and I, the nightmarish WAE experiment who can make people scream by meeting their eyes, who is dragging along an Enginez behind her with a stuffed cat and sketchbook tucked under her arm? Ha!" Nova sighed and hid his displeasure at her biting remark by sitting down at the desk chair, where he then busied himself by opening drawers and inspecting the contents. There wasn't much, a new sketchbook, a pack of normal pencils, and...

"Dang, new colored pencils. The really good kind. Someone's really trying to get on your good side, Ryza." The girl shot up, off the bed, and practically dove across the remaining space to get a look at the pack of pencils Nova held up. "I haven't seen this many colors in..."

"You can see colors? I thought WAE couldn't." Nova nearly laughed at the question.

"Yeah, I can see color, but very few can. My Sona tried to work with the other WAE Sonas and it just didn't go over well." He shrugged, "What can you do?"

"Can you draw?" He raised an eyebrow at the question before he smiled.

"Yeah, not like a Grafix, though." Ryza looked visibly disappointed at this, but didn't let it bother her much.

"Then I guess I'll leave the plans to you and you can leave the artistic talent to me, huh?" Nova blinked at how easily her attitude had turned around, and then smiled.

"Guess so," he agreed.

Aerys and Thirteen
Wandering through Enfin
ARPer's: Velo(The Engineer)

"Frightening chameleons! Ha--you say that as though we were at fault for that when he was following us, and minding our own business at that point," Thirteen shook her head, sarcastic smirk forming on her lips. "That aside, we were just kind of wandering aimlessly, though I think eventually I would have gotten us out to Umecit. When the WAE starts bothering her Deviant, Aerys can get a touch destructive, but nonetheless, we were looking for a way to help both her Deviant and mine, in a kind of foot-draggingly slow way," the vampiric Sona said simply. Aerys ducked her head as if ashamed, but Thirteen patted her arm gently, which seemed to ease some of the tension in the Guardian.

OOC: Well definitely not my best, but if it gets us moving...

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