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Default Arceus Judgement Cup

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and... boys, children of all ages, the Arceus Judgement Cup has arrived!
Whether you're just a collecter, battle fashionista or happened to be unlucky enough to have such grandness elude your presence,
this tournament shall be held in honor of Arceus, as he shall be the first prize to anyone willing and able to get to the top!

Alright, enough of that. This is a tournament I decided to hold up. If you're hankering to get your virtual hands on an Arceus or just like the thrill of battle, come on in and join. You've got nothing to lose! And remember, only first place will walk out with Arceus as the prize.

This cup will use Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version game cartridges for the Nintendo DS series systems... just incase you didn't already know...

Also, This cup will begin once we get enough contestants. The goal is this weekend!

The rules are as follows:

- Flat Battle lv.50 Double rules
- NO Pokemon may be below lv.50
- Item Clause (no two Pokemon on the same team may hold identicle items before the start of the match)
- Species Clause (no two Pokemon of the same species on one team. This INCLUDES the same Pokemon with alternate form(e)s, i.e. Wash Rotom and Frost Rotom, but does NOT INCLUDE alternate evolutions, i.e. Gallade and Gardevoir)
- Legendary Clause (No Legendary Pokemon allowed. You know who they are, including Phione. This does NOT include Arcanine)
- OHKO Clause* (Moves that cause a one-hit KO such as Sheer Cold and Fissure are NOT allowed)
- Evasion Clause* (No one likes a drawn-out luck-based battle)
- Sleep Clause* (No two Pokemon on the same team may be put to sleep by the opponent)
- Dream World Ninetails and Politode are NOT allowed
- The move Sky Drop is NOT allowed
- Hack Clause ( Pokemon influenced by cheating devices or programs are strongly discouraged. This includes but not limited to AR, Game Shark and Pokesav. Pokemon via RNG are acceptable)

*Moves such as Metronome and Accupressure may bypass these rules

In the event the last Pokemon on each player's team faints:

- The Pokemon who used a self-destructing move such as Destiny Bond or Explosion loses.
- The Pokemon who faints from recoil from a move, item or ability wins.

Pretty standard, yes? Very much like an official tournament, just with my own little tweak or two added.

The structure of the tourney is as follows:

- There will be only eight(8) contestants.
- Contestant will be put againts eachother in a random order every series.
- Single Elimination.
- Contestants will have one full week to do their battle. Both the winner and loser of each battle will PM me detailing who won the battle. Please be honest, for it is just a game afterall.
- If a PM is sent by one contestant claiming he won while the other fails to PM by the end of the series week, that contestant will move ahead. As such, if one person sends a PM claiming he lost while the winner fails to send a PM, the "loser" will move ahead instead.
- As an alternative, you may choose to record your battle via Vs. Recorder, upload it and give me the Video number. Youtube is also acceptable if you so choose.
- In the event of a disconnection, obviously the one who disconnected loses automatically. It is up to the two contestants to agree on a rematch to settle the score.
- In the event that the battle has not been done within the week (aka not being PMd accordingly), both contestants will drop-out. Please be sure that you can spend at most 30 minutes of your time from your obviously busy lives to get a battle in.

How to sign up:

Simply PM me (Pickleboy) with information regarding to your Friend Code and In-game name as well as the team you wish to enter with, along with their hold items and moves. Once I approve of your team your PE2K username, In-game name and FC will be updated in the post below.

For those who are curious:

The Arceus up for grabs is completely 100% legit and untouched. As a matter of fact, I have several, and with the new DW Arceus released and finally being able to nickname one, the other ones are simply taking up too much space. Should this tourney turn out successful, I shall continue distribution.

Here are details of this cup's first prize:

Lv. 100
Ball: Cherrish Ball
Nature: Calm
Alert to sounds.

I believe that should cover everything neccessary about this tournament. If you have any RELATIVE questions, feel free to PM me. Also, if I missed anything you feel needs to be added or said, also feel free to PM me.
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