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Default Re: Hoenn Pokemon compared to previous generations

I think Hoenn is my least favorite. :s

Yeah, some people are like, "WHAT NOW?!" but yeah, it didn't appeal to me either. The starters were okay, but just most of the Pokemon in general weren't the best. I have always loved cute/cool Pokemon, and Hoenn didn't have but very few, and they were mediocre in my opinion anyways. :P

Sure, I don't like some Kanto Pokemon, and I don't like some Sinnoh Pokemon, and I don't like some Unova Pokemon, but Hoenn has the worst of them all. I might like it more when and if the remakes ever come out, but I somehow doubt it with all of the Pokemon. :P

Johto appealed most to me because it had some of my favorite Pokemon! Like Typhlosion! I think Typhlosion is the best thing ever, but Blaziken is a big chicken (literally.)

I also agree with the legendaries being to much. I like Jirachi, and Latios, but seriously, way too many! It just wasn't thrilling catching them as it was in G/S/C and HG/SS. :P

It may be just me, but I don't like Hoenn Pokemon.
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