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Default Re: How many gens of anime?

Originally Posted by Max0596 View Post

The point is that a target audience doesn't affect how good the show should be, at all. The new episodes are just...bland. Back in Gen I, every episode showed a little more of the characters, and you really got to know them. Even Tracy. I guess. The new episodes feel like gen I's filler episodes. Hardly any plot, introducing a new pokemon, and boring dialogue that drags on and on. It needs a change, and it's for sure not as popular as it used to be. Maybe because kids nowadays would rather play MW3.

That's my two cents.

Just because it's a kids show doesn't give the writers the okay to be lazy and predictable. Important elements like foreshadowing and chekhov's guns should still be worked with effort and care. Character development is actually a good way for children to learn that people can change over time, be it a good or bad thing. Actually, the only difference between an "adult' and "kids" show should be the content, not the quality of production. The writers of shows aimed at younger audiences should be able to implement literary devices while still keeping it watchable for the intended demographic. Hard, heck yes, but it would certainly boost the quality of children's programming and might just even pull a MLP: FiM and draw older viewers in as well. Win win.

Of course, that would require time and effort, which is usually overlooked since they figure kids will watch anything, even cheap junk. Then they wonder why 8 year olds play M rated games.

As for Pokemon, my first episode was "A Pokemon Emergency" I think the title was. I started right at the end when doctor Ash, Misty and Brock were fighting Team Rocket. I watched the show fairly consistently throughout most of Johto until they changed the time slot and I wasn't able to find it again until early Hoenn. Stopped bothering after they changed the voices...

From what I hear about the last regions, I think I'll stick to the originals, whose animation I actually prefer, TBH. Has a charm about it.

Bleh, long post is long. Feel free to disagree, it's an opinion after all :3

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