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Default Re: Pe2k Member Interviews - 21 Questions: Hosted by GS

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post

Supposed to? No. I never capitalise pokemon species names or the word 'pokemon' itself unless I'm referring to the fandom or, for the species, unless the pokemon's name is its species name. It's not a matter of 'supposed to' or not. It's a preference. :P I believe it makes no sense to use capitals for pokemon because they are not proper nouns unless you literally have a flareon called Flareon. In which case the owner is clearly not very sensitive to individuality. xD But yeah, I don't do it because it makes no sense, and it's just a way for the company to make things they create look important. You don't capitalise animals, do you? Unless a dog is called Dog.
I always do. Pokemon is a title, and you're supposed to capitalize a title. :P
I thought about the dog thing before, and I feel that yeah, true, but it just feels weird for me not to capitalize. DX

And don't they call their Pokemon by their name in the anime like, 98.08255735% of the time...? XD /stumped

Anyways, I'm free this weekend. c: