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Default WAR XI Main Thread and Rules

That's right, PE2K! WAR is back for its 11th season! Join us as teams fight in this forum-wide competition for ultimate glory!

What is WAR?

The annual PE2K summer WAR is a forum-wide competition containing many divisions in which teams compete to earn points. At the end of the WAR, the team with the highest amount of points wins.

How does WAR work?

Each section has its own competition in which teams compete for. To compete, sign up for one of the WAR teams located on this board or you can create your own team.

What do they win?

Being one of the most prestigious PE2K events, there's a great amount of forum-wide glory and honor that comes with it.

WAR Sections

These are the areas you can participate in.
  • Fan Fiction
  • Role-playing
  • URPG Battling
  • Debate
  • Drawn Art
  • Sprite Art
  • Graphic Art
  • Wi-Fi Battling
  • Voice Acting
  • Pokemon Online Battling
  • ASBL
  • Humor

WAR Rules
  • To compete in WAR, you must be a part of a WAR team. To sign up for one, find a team in this board or post your own thread to create your own.
  • If you are creating a WAR team, please put [WAR XI] in the title before the team name.
  • All WAR teams must have at least three members on it (including the team captain). The maximum number of team members allowed is 12. The maximum amount of teams is 8. If necessary, we can increase these caps based on demand.
  • If your team starts to make WAR look like a joke, your team will be removed from the registration.
  • Each section will have its own guidelines and specifics. Please refer to the section for specific rules.
  • While participating in WAR (regardless of section), PE2K forum rules still apply.

Available Teams

The following teams are participating in WAR. To join one, ask the team captain for details. All Teams must post in this thread to register.

Guardian Units of Nations (G.U.N.)
Team Obscurity
Revolution Uprising
The Not-So-Super Friends
Park Lords
The Eggman Empire

WAR Leaders
Typhlosion Explosion

These people are responsible for running the entire event. If you have any questions about WAR, please feel free to ask them.


These people are the judges for each section and are responsible for awarding points

RP: Dr Robotnik
Fan Fiction: Michelle8936
Drawn Art: TheEvilDookie
Graphic Art: Neo Emolga
Spirte Art: XaiakuX
URPG Battling: RaptorJesus
POL Battling: Nitro
Humor: LS the Door Mat
Debate: WebMaster
ASB: 3mod0ll
Wi-fi battling: Kaoru
Voice Acting: TheEvilDookie

When does the WAR start?

The Role-playing section of WAR will open on June 3. This is due to RPing requiring some more time than the other sections. All the other sections will officially open on June 24. The WAR ends on July 28.

Have fun guys and may the best team win!
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