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Default [WAR XI WINNER] Guardian Units of Nations (Now a Sonic Group - Please Join!)

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So you heard. Good. I don't have a lot of time to explain everything that happened, so I'll give you the bare basics. Obviously, you know about the "accident" - namely Sonic busting up Doctor Eggman's machine which then fused my world with yours. This is a first, as usually it sets everything right again once it is destroyed...But the past is the past. We must focus on the future. Now, there are a few problems that have arisen...Namely, he's nearly conquered the world. G.U.N. is in a lot of trouble - we have lost most of our bases, and even the Commander is missing. It's forced me to step up and take charge, but it also means my patience is short.

We protect everyone. We keep the peace, we stop fights, we deliver food supplies...But namely, we keep the peace. Ironically, it's usually through force, but I'm not going to criticize now. After all, against a brilliant madman seeking power, it's quite obvious "diplomacy" will not work. G.U.N. was formed at least fifty years ago, which also was the time of my creation. Since then, they have kept the peace, or at least tried. If G.U.N. can't capture a target, extermination is the next step.

Our goal is simple yet twofold.

We need to reform the governments to further hinder the progress of evil and to prevent complete anarchy.

Our other, more immediate goal is to either capture Doctor Eggman - otherwise known as Doctor Ivo Robotnik - alive or kill him if capture proves impossible.

Now are you going to help control this chaos or not?

The above was the entry for WAR. Now that WAR is over, this has been converted to Elite's only Sonic group. Time to be silly and discuss everything we love about Sonic, and Sega by extension.

Why Should You Join?
G.U.N. is the side of good, and pretty much represents everything that the Eggman Empire does not. If you join us, you are trying to stop him and bring peace back to the shattered world. I am sure there are other teams out there, but we are a military...Or the remnants of one. Established by several governments of my world, we are our own organization. It was only through our power we survived and were merely crippled. This new world is our home, and we protect our home. If we fall, I feel as if all hope will be lost...

We also have plenty of weapons - bullets, not lasers - and a few vehicles left, as well as one heavily fortified base which is Central City. We don't have as much as Doctor Robotnik does, but we certainly have more than ragtag groups do. The ARK did not get transported with the fusion, however, leaving us without a very valuable weapon...And it's left me in a rather terrible mood. Listen, obey, and try to stay off my bad side, got it? And for the love of all that is smart, do NOT look into the barrel of your gun while cleaning it without checking to see if the bullets are emptied and the safety is on! ...Seriously. It makes a mess.

Because we're a Sonic group, duh. Sonic is awesome :P

Recruitment Form
Here's the form. Fill it out, and you'll be a soldier...Agent. Honestly, we have the same goals so why differentiate?

To join <3

Username/Nickname: Example/EX
Interests: Writing, Role Playing, Collecting Rocks, etc.
Favorite Weapon: You can be specific if you want.
Favorite Character: Shadow, Sonic, Charmy, Mighty, etc.

Team Leader: Grassy_Aggron

Saraibre Ryu
Sight of the Stars
Typhlosion Explosion
Metal Gear Snivy




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