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Default Re: [RP]Kingdom Hearts: The Other Nobodies[RP]

OOC: Alternate text colour is Driax's other persona coming out.

Nobody of Strangeness
Tranverse Town, District 3 Back Alley's

Driax wasn’t sure what to think of being picked up and stuck on the stranger’s back, then to have the jacket put over her, but when she heard Saxoris’ explanation, her eyes glowed a bit brighter showing off her happiness for being able to be dry, and not have to walk on the wet streets. Scrunching herself into a smaller ball, easy for someone who was literally empty of physical mass, she half giggled hale hummed.

“Driax like dry!” She squealed quietly. “Driax no scratch, only if Driax itchy or Driax needs to make another itch go away.”

Driax opened her non-existent mouth to continue praising Saxoris when another dragon appeared out of nowhere, causing her to become asphyxiated by it nearly instantly. First she froze out of surprise, and then her aura started to change to that of a more complicated one, not liking the idea of a threat. Her tone of voice turned deep and dual tone, leaning forward over Saxoris’ shoulder almost defending him from the threat.

“No one will die unnecessarily by a forced hand either.” She snarled.

As floria spoke and introduced Vercitorik, her demeanour returned to her original one, acting like a living backpack to her mount rather than a step ladder. She didn’t understand the French woman very well, and certainly not what she was aiming to do, but understood a bit of what the dragon had said. Of course, being the simple mind that she was, she hadn’t a clue about anything to say to help the pair’s search, and remained quiet for the most part. The only sentence she understood completely, was getting out of the rain.

“Driax no like rain, Driax want inside where people don’t throw things at Driax for being Driax.”

Driax wanted only a few simple things; warm, dry, something to munch on, and not to have things thrown at her.
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