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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

Soar HQ


Sevv’s eyes opened in a flash and he appraised his surroundings. Or at least he tried to, standing for a brief moment before falling back down, unbalanced and hazy from whatever sedatives he had been given. He sat there, trying to become aware of his surroundings, when the voice spoke again.

“Here’s the deal. I don’t know what you can do, and don’t want to learn from personal experience, so you’re in spheres. We’re going to run some tests, and it’ll be fun. I swear by it. Each one is…fairly basic, so you should have no trouble getting through it. You know when I said ‘I don’t know what you can do’? That was a lie. We have your memories, remember?” Sevv’s eyes narrowed as he heard these words. He didn’t like being trapped in a bubble, but he decided to listen a little bit longer before he teleported out and thrashed the lady.

“Each chamber will test you and you only. Testing beginning in 3…2…1…” Sevv was unprepared, and he lurched forward, trying to get a running start on his teleport. Unfortunately, his mind was not aware enough to do something so complex, and he smashed into the side of his bubble as it fell through the floor.

He was had never experienced anything like this. He tried to stabilize himself with his psychic powers as the ball tossed and turned, but all he managed to do was make his headache worse, and so he stopped trying, staying as still as possible as it fell. And then, he saw a light down beneath him, and prepared himself for landing.

The room Sevv was in looked almost as if the walls were composed of hundreds of mirrors. Upon closer examination, that appeared to be the case. However, every other mirror was black, barely reflecting anything. He approached one of them, curiosity filling his eyes. And as he touched it, it flickered for half a second, and each dark “mirror” like it suddenly became lit with a bright light from within. He stepped back, startled. What were these things?

Then, a loud noise filled the room, monotone, and Sevv whirled around, discovering the source to be a strange white box in one of the corners of the room. A look of fierce determination showed on his face. This must be his test. Then, it spoke. “Last through the entire sequence without destroying anything.”

Sequence? What sequence? Sevv whirled around the room, staring at white screens and reflections, when a face appeared on the screens, reflected around the room, covering every wall. Sevv's eyes widened and he released a curse from his mouth. He had no where to run, and the face of the man he most hated and feared was all around him, and slowly, scene's from his life began to play out on the screens.

... a flash of dark brown hair whirling across the screen, across his memories. His sister's laughing face, then flash at a new screen a new memory to torture him. He was standing in the woods, blade poised to kill the man who took his sister. Then, the scene around him shifted, his sister, bleeding from her wounds... And on and on the painful memories flashed across the screen, and inside his head. Each being drawn from just beneath the surface of his subconscious.

The camera silently observing the room focused solely on the Gallade morph standing in the center of the room, it's line of sight not focusing on the screens all around the room. It watched as the face morphed from happiness to despair to anger, from joy to anguish, twisting his face as the emotions came and went. He simply stood there, surrounded by his memories. And then he began to thrash. The technician behind the camera noted that each time a specific face was shown, suddenly Sevv would beginning lashing out at the surrounding room, never quite hitting one of the screens, but always close. The morph would never last through the remaining three minutes.

Sevv twirled around, thrashing his arms in a blood rage, trying to get close to the phantom figure in the screen. His eyes were clouded over in a blood red haze. Sevv had to destroy the man, kill him before and more damage could be done. He swore occasionally as he continued to miss his target, no matter how had he seemed to try.

Then, a little voice whispered in the back of his rage fueled mind. The test! This was a part of it!

Sevv's eyes slowly turned back to normal, the bloody haze diffusing. The test had ended. He had passed. His fist a mere inch away from an image of his father, with dark energies pouring off the body of the man he once loved. He turned and stalked out the door that had appeared, along with a loud and obnoxious "TEST COMPLETE!"

He was going to kill them all for forcing him to relive his pain. He would have been better off without the memories.

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